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Back Again With A New Rock Hit, The Stereo-Tips Release “Mysterious Love”

The Stereo-Tips are back with a brand new single “Mysterious Love” that hits hard in all the right places. Right off the bat, the energetic intro features pummeling guitars and hardcore raspy vocals, we’re instantly hooked! The hard-hitting drums and gritty vocals add the rock n roll flare we need. Fused with elements of gritty, alternative rock, The Stereo-Tips’ track “Mysterious Love” is a sure crowd-pleaser. They’ve created a concept that anyone can relate to while the infectious melody, catchy riffs, and contagious rhythms will have you toe-tapping along to the finely-calibrated track. “Mysterious Love” focuses energy on The Stereo-Tips’ versatility and expansive knowledge in music. Yet another explosive release from one of BuzzMusic’s favorite bands, we can’t wait to hear more! 

Elad Ovadia Eyni and Or Vengle created The Stereo-Tips after meeting in high school and making music together for over 10 years. The duo's music is made of catchy leading electric guitar and instrumental elements but also features unanticipated song developments. The Stereo-Tips developed a unique sound that draws heavily from Britpop, Alternative & Indie Rock. Since relocating to the US, they have focused on writing, composing, and producing in their home studio. 

Check out “Mysterious Lovehere


You can discover more on The Stereo-Tips via their social media below!




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