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Bad Wolf Gives Us the Funk with, "Curfew at the Disco"

The Manila-based artist and electronic producer Bad Wolf pays tribute to the secret quarantine parties with his latest lively single entitled "Curfew at the Disco."

After acquiring a cheap midi controller in 2018, Bad Wolf's love for music and producing grew exponentially, so much so that he was later scouted by MojoHeadz Records. Planning to release ten singles by the end of 2021, Bad Wolf is excited to bring new levels of funk and groove to DAW-based electronica.

Through his upbeat and vibrant single, "Curfew at the Disco," Bad Wolf mentioned that his songs are usually sonic descriptions of the modern urban environment, which is precisely what this track has to offer. "With more intimacy than your average house mix, Curfew at the Disco will allow you to explore those smoking-on-the balconies and by-the-kitchen-sink house party moments," states Bad Wolf.

Listening to "Curfew at the Disco," the song opens with a gleaming house beat that pushes through our speakers like a breath of fresh air. With a mid-tempo drum beat, Bad Wolf later expands the song through his pulsating keyboard melodies that float down from above while bringing us into a fun-loving house music environment through his radiant synth arrangements.

With the addition of organic piano melodies to complement the heavy electronic sonics, Bad Wolf continues to groove down the vibrant sonic path while leaving any listener with a desire to get together with old friends once again. Not to mention Bad Wolf's melodic and catchy keyboard tones; he truly has us tapping our feet the entire journey.

Reminisce on the parties that once were with help from Bad Wolf's latest single, "Curfew at the Disco," available on all streaming platforms.


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