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Bae Baracus Highlights Personal Freedom In, “Chaos Is Money”

Canadian west coast-based band Bae Baracus highlight some necessary concepts in their latest groovy and high-energy single, "Chaos Is Money."

Bae Baracus's sound and vibe bring us out to Canada's adventurous west coast. The brand comprises musician & producer Lin Gardiner (Julia Sound), instrumentalist & vocalist Clef Seeley (Tetrahedron), and lead singer Dolly De Guerre (Ghostcards). Together, they create punchy and relatable tunes with thought-provoking lyrics.

The band's sharp and conceptual lyricism is the key takeaway in their recent single, "Chaos Is Money." The song takes a close look at the world's current state and different people's perspectives of what "freedom" means, especially those whose freedom is at the cost of everyone around them.

Lin says the same people who want freedom are the "same people are often restrictive about others' freedoms & rights (LGBTQ, immigrants, BIPOC, women)."

Jumping into the new single, "Chaos Is Money," a driving and exhilarating electro-pop beat blasts through as speakers as Seeley's raspy and high-energy vocals set the scene on fire. As Bae Baracus picks up the groove and continues ramping up the energy, they head to the glimmering hook and chant that freedom for one is freedom for all.

We truly appreciate such a needed lyrical concept like this, especially after learning people's true colors amid the world's continuous chaos. Bae Baracus perfectly reflects those mind-boggling moments where someone else's picture of "freedom" isn't all that fair and might cost someone else their personal freedom.

There's so much to take away from Bae Baracus's new hit, and we hope it reminds you to reflect on what freedom means to you. Find their exciting new anthem, "Choas Is Money," on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bae Baracus. We honestly appreciate such a powerful and necessary single like "Chaos Is Money." What inspired your band to tackle the concept of freedom in this track?

Lin - Hi BuzzMusic, thanks so much for having us here, we're happy you dig the song! I put the beat together for the track, and the chorus melody popped out and the word 'freedom' seemed to fit right in. It got us talking about the frustrations of how some groups have hi-jacked that word, but not necessarily for the better. There were these 'freedom rallies' happening in Canada, but while the folk at them were banging on about their alleged lack of freedom (in Canada, one of the freest countries in the world at the moment!), they were blocking borders, causing industries to shut down, keeping residents up all night honking their horns... it seemed incongruous, and we wanted to reclaim the word as an antidote to all that.

Clef - I think it’s a word you hear a lot these days that’s really important to a lot of people. But I also think that in the last few years, there’s been a change in the language, like maybe a split along some ideological line, where now the same words have different meanings to different people. But I think the big takeaway is that freedom for one still has to mean freedom for all. It’s supposed to be universal.

Dolly - We want to reclaim the term "Freedom" from populist bad faith actors defending economic interests and put it firmly back in the hands of movements for social equality.

Were there any particular moments your band experienced that led to conversations around "Choas Is Money?"

Clef - The last two years do have a way of coloring the conversation, smh. War in Ukraine, COVID, the impossible housing market, the affordability crisis. I still think the song is positive and hopeful for the future.

Dolly - As three separate people, we've all been exposed to and pushed into tough, divisive conversations with loved ones around what constitutes freedom. It's been painful, and we wanted to channel that.

Lin - We got together at the beginning of April for this session, and like all our recording sessions we jam about what's been going on for us. We were all frustrated by the freedom convoy, worried about a swing to the right in a lot of places, freaked out by the war in Ukraine, and saddened by some personal experiences of being criticized for being OK with Covid vaccines. The song became this kind of melting pot of all that.

Why did you want to give "Chaos Is Money" this upbeat, groovy, and energetic electro-pop vibe? Do you usually create such danceable electronic tunes like this?

Dolly - Bae Baracus is an alternative dance project. We create a range of moods for every stage of the big night out, from dancefloor anthems to soothing comedown tracks. Check out our first EP, "Flow and Fire," and our album "Go No Go" on all the platforms.

Lin - Much of our material sits in this spot. We all bring something different to the Bae sound, but many of our tracks lean into this kind of alt-electronica disco-punk kind of thing.

Clef - The song is supposed to be upbeat because that’s the real takeaway from the song. But I mean, shout-out to Lin for the amazing beat and production on this track!

What impact do you want to make with "Chaos Is Money?" What thoughts did you hope listeners consider and think after hearing the new single?

Lin - I secretly want the 'freedom convoyers' to catch onto the hook, adopt it as a theme, and then realize it's totally pro-diversity, anit-war, and woke af... Maybe some will even become enlightened and realize 'liberal' and 'progressive' is the place to be.

Dolly - If you value freedom, then you must be tolerant, open-minded, and ready to understand and make space for other points of view. Also, f**k Putin.

Clef - I just want people to like the song and like the video!

What's next for you?

Clef - Believe it or not, I’m actually moving to Alberta, where I live has taken off in price, and a young family like mine has a better shot East. So wish me luck!

Dolly - We're releasing a bunch of "B-Sides" with this single, so look out for them! Also, hopefully, a live show or two!

Lin - We work pretty fast and wrapped 'Chaos Is Money' in about 4 hours... we had another hour left in the session, so we threw down three songs in one hour, just one-take improvs... a couple of slow experimental pieces, and a straight-up punk song. They're going to be released on a 'Chaos Is Money: B-sides' EP in July on Boomsmack Records. As a band born during the pandemic, and because we're separated geographically, we haven't played live yet (as a band anyway, all of us are no strangers to the stage), but we do have our first show booked for August, at The Rogue Festival on the Sunshine Coast (BC), so we're super excited for that!

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