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Berani Surfs The Bassline On Funky New Release, “Wherever”

If you’re a fan of wicked bassline riddims, you won’t want to miss this one.

Fearlessly flipping heads and standing out with his eclectic mix of G-house and everything bass, Australian producer Berani remains one of the most intriguing talents in today's music scene.

Possessing a rare talent for music but also the work ethic and determination to see his dreams through to fruition, Berani’s approach to music has always seemed to stem from the genuine enjoyment of what he does. Finding a heightened level of satisfaction through performing on the decks and music production, each of Berani’s releases is underlined by a burning passion that inevitably feels infectious.

Regarding music, Berani’s early interests and inspirations came from an unexpected place: hip-hop. Although it’s a far cry from the music he produces now, those humble music beginnings would herald the start of an epic musical journey not even Berani could’ve seen coming.

After one fateful day, Berani saw him record his first set of vocals on a beat made by his friend; Berani honestly hasn’t looked back since. Fast forward, and he’s been performing live for 12 years and counting, but the launch of his DJ career as Berani in 2019 saw this talented artist start to pick up steam.

Berani’s latest release, “Wherever,” is, in every sense of the phrase, a certified banger. Fans of tech-house and any adjacent electronic genres will love this, as groovy bass, funky riddims, and simple yet hypnotizing vocals fuel this two-minute sonic journey. Lines like, “Step into the place like okay / this my city,” are delivered with a hypnotic and enthralling cadence. Combined with the irresistible bassline he’s crafted on this release, don’t be surprised if you find yourself on the dancefloor in a trance.

Berani’s new release, “Wherever,” is a fun, groovy, funky offering that will get the vibes started no matter the time and place. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Berani’s new release, “Wherever,” on all majour streaming platforms.

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