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Bjerglund Lures Us on Latest Hit "My Temptation" Ft. Liam LA Adams

Smooth pop vocals welcome you into Bjerglund's latest hit "My Temptation" featuring vocals from Liam LA Adams. This Danish music producer and artist known as Oliver Bjerglund, is creating music grounded in the progressive house and big room EDM genres. "My Temptation" has been released by Duo Tone with Humble Angel Dance records. Bjerglund has also been featured nine times on the BBC Radio Oxford' Introducing' Show and has had multiple replays of his music throughout the years.

On Bjerglund's latest hit "My Temptation," we are delighted by bright pop auras of sound and infectious EDM synths. Liam LA Adam's voice brings a soulful and cheerful appearance over the song, grabbing the attention of his listeners instantly. The synthesized piano provides an electrified backing harmony that pairs exquisitely to Bjerglund's symphonious voice. There are pauses of simple instrumentation and Liam LA Adams vocals that allow the atmosphere to once again build in an EDM big house way. The song begs to be played in a large dance hall, cascading strobe lights whirling over the crowd of people, as they let loose to this freeing track. As the symbols crash throughout, a trickle of EMD sounds signals the unleashing of heavily charged electrified elements of sound. "My Temptation" is a freeing and liberating experience for the listener; we loved the release it offered through its playful and infectious beats. Explore Bjerglund's grand creation of sound on "My Temptation" today.

Discover "My Temptation" here.

Hello Bjerglund and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest release "My Temptation." Can you start by telling our listeners a bit about the meaning of the song and how it came about?

Well this song funnily enough I had made some years back when big room and progressive house was in their prime and Initially wanted this Dutch singer & songwriter onboard called Cimo Fränkel but he said it sounded too heavy so I left it for abit and chose Liverpool singer and song writer and producer Liam LA Adams in which we did a pitch song for a guy with a female friend of mine called Amber who knows some people in the k-pop music scene (which never went through) and we kind of formed a friendship from there and I asked him whether he’d be up for a collab with me cuz I knew his vocals would fit perfectly well for this track which is called “My Temptation”, he wanted to try out different music genres as his genre is mostly Trap music and he did a amazing job by giving the track breathing space, the meaning for this song is kind of in the song itself as you can hear as it’s mostly about seeing a girl you really like , your yearning for love and affection , so it’s basically a lust song I suppose you could say but non sexualised if you get my drift.

Your latest hit "My Temptation" is a joyous, freeing experience for the listener. What feelings did you want to impart on the listener when they hear this song?

This song it’s more of a festival/club kind of song so I wanted people to dance to it or be putting it into their Spotify or Apple playlist like you said it’s a joyous song so anyone who wanna do Tik Tok videos or do song covers to it would be most welcome, feeling wise it’s a party song and a feel-good kinder track I guess you could put it.

What about the EDM, techno house genre is most appealing to you?

I love EDM as a whole as it has many different sub-genres in it, some people seem to shun it in a sense as people say it’s repetitive but that’s dance music for you as a whole as it’s known to be “drug-related” but it’s all down to people not using their common sense when going out to these festivals, etc, I don’t really have a fav genre overall as long as it has melody, I am very much into K-Pop/pop music atm as that’s technically EDM as well but they’ve also diversified into other genres such as RnB and amongst others.

What is the music community like where your from in the UK and how has that community influenced your music?

Ok so right now the music community is tough atm as everyone wants to do pop songs and other techno related music stuff, I’d say it’s healthy, right now techno is taking over the night clubs in the music scene but other then that it’s healthy I’d say, I recently back in October released my song I did with some friends of mine named Kova & AMBÉR called “Dynamite” and it was a tropical house song which has amassed over 150.000 streams on Spotify and signed to Humble Angel Dance Records with a guy named Kieron Donoghue who used to be former global playlisting strategy lead at Warner Music so so it’s all about getting your music out there and see where it takes you really.

What will you be working on next Bjerglund?

I am currently got new music coming out 10th of July called “Talk To Me Now” and I hope everyone will like it, it’s a deep house kind of track so and feel-good track, I don’t really have a genre-specific based as I don’t believe in sticking with one genre when producing music as I like to produce different genres as I believe that’s what makes you an artist as well, but each to their own I guess.

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