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Bree Whitworth Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve With "In The End"

Bree Whitworth is a Vancouver based artist who has been writing music for as long as she can remember. Her lyrics are narrative in that they tell a captivating story, capturing the minds and hearts of her listeners. After a 4 year break, she is back in the studio with producer Winston Hauschild recording an EP set to be released in Spring 2019.

The first single from Whitworth’s forthcoming EP is called “In The End”, and this is a song that she has had in her back pocket for nearly a decade. The track begins with a simple arrangement of piano and vocals.

Shortly thereafter, synths and acoustic guitar serve to complete the soundscape. Whitworth’s voice has a certain sensitivity behind it that you can really get lost in, but she also has a powerful delivery that will make you sit up and take notice. The arrangement is well paced, building up throughout the song and becoming stronger to a climax near the end of the song. The simplicity of the arrangement works very well in this case, allowing Whitworth’s vocals to shine through. “In The End” is a fantastic and emotional offering from this West-coast artist, and we highly recommend you check it out!

Listen to "In The End" here and catch up with Bree below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Bree, thanks for chatting with us! First of all, can you describe a bit about your background and how you first got involved with music?

Thanks so much, it is my pleasure! I have been obsessed with music and writing songs from a very young age. At 5 years old, I was sneaking out of my room at night to put my favorite records on and sit in my rocking chair with my headphones listening to them for hours. I kept my talents under wraps for a long time as I had a real fear that they my music and voice were not good enough to be heard. I finally overcame that fear in my early 20s and have released 2 albums and 3 singles to-date (under various projects) and have had one of my songs featured on a television series as well. After writing some great new songs, I recently have gone back into the studio to start recording again!

Who would you describe as your greatest musical influences?

I am a sucker for a powerhouse woman belting out honest and heartfelt songs so a few names that jump to mind are artists like Stevie Nicks, Lissie, Sharon Van Etten, LP, Cat Power, Robyn, Sia, Ani DiFranco...I could go on as there are so many great female artists out there!

What does your writing process usually look like? How do these songs come together?

I can honestly say that I have to keep my phone with me 24/7 because melodies will often pop into my head at any given moment - I have even woken up numerous times singing a song from my dreams! Once I have a song that I think has potential, I get the structure down at the piano. I then bring my songs to my producer, Winston, and he really helps to refine them, develop the musicality and other instrumentation that transforms them into a finished product. The process working with him has been so seamless and I love the sound and quality of the tunes we have created together.

Your new single, “In The End”, is a great song that you’ve had around for a while. What prompted you to release the song now as opposed to earlier? Was there a “marinating” process?

"In the End" is a funny song as I have had the chorus written for years but I only started writing the verses as a reflection from a recent break up which wound up being a very therapeutic process. They were words that needed to be said despite the fact that he would never hear them from me personally...he'll just have to hear it on Spotify or the radio like everyone else lol!

What can we hope to see from you in the near future, Bree?

I am very excited to be finishing up my new EP entitled 'Love Lessons' that will be released in the next couple of months. Following that, I will be working on another (top secret) music project and getting out performing, possibly even touring very soon.



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