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C. M. F Releases a House-Slapper Titled “Grab Hold of Me”

C. M. F gets us into our feelings as his lyrics echo through our speakers in his latest single, "Grab Hold Of Me."

C. M. F grew a passion for drums from a young age. This inspired him to create and produce music. Additionally, he works on PR for other artists, models, influencers, and anyone wishing to gain public attention. Working with other artists inspired C. M. F to pursue his dream; he specifically loves making many different genres of music, from deep house to future and even tech-house; you can see there are no boundaries for C. M. F.

"Grab Hold Of Me" really grabs hold of the listener with its upbeat drums and overall production taking us on a groovy adventure. Again, we hear influence from the house genre with its loop-in vocals and internal climaxes, creating the perfect atmosphere for this record.

The record kicks off with ambient vocals and build-up for the first massive drop, having you dancing from the jump! The slap-house influenced sound hits just right, with the hypnotic vocals and epic production. "Grab Hold Of Me" is a record sure to have you out of your seats, well-crafted for the most unique listening experience; C. M. F. does a marvelous job at delivering it on a silver platter.

This record is perfect for your night drives and late missions in the city with the crew, making the most of the night or a night out with your other half falling in love with all the moments you experienced together. "Grab Hold Of Me" is a definite hit sure to be playing in the nightclub near you very soon.

Make sure you stream and support C. M. F. and his new release, "Grab Hold Of Me," available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic C. M. F., and congratulations on your latest release, "Grab Hold Of Me." What inspired the ambient vibes for this epic release?

My ex-girlfriend inspired me with the ambient of Grab Hold Of Me. She was a big fan of my music and always requested such type of music. However, she is sadly no longer with us, and listening to my song brings back wonderful memories. It was all about following the vibe and allowing the groove to be very immersive and cinematic. I wanted the music to have an emotional feel that matches the vibe and intensity of the lyrics. The song offers a great balance of emotional pathos and production craft, really creating a stronger connection with the audience. The beat has a solid foundation in the bass drum, which thumps in a four-on-the-floor fashion as the other percussion elements dive deeper into the motion of the track. The synth parts are quite awesome as well, at times creating some lush instrumental hooks that stand out, but for the most part, creating a pleasant background atmosphere that is perfect for the excellent vocal parts to unfold and add more vibe to the overall track. I wanted to create a track highly catchy and organic yet deep and one-of-a-kind. The idea was to create a song that can be sad and upbeat and groovy at the same time”. The sound production is very punchy and direct, and it goes a long way in highlighting the kaleidoscopic fabric of influences that make this song so special.

"Grab Hold Of Me" has us dancing till past midnight! What did you want your listeners to take away from this record, and why?

I want my listener to take away from Grab Hold Of me that “House music is a feeling” House music feels like dopamine. It’s almost guiltily un-intellectual: the bass, the drums, the vocals — repetitive, shallow, or nonexistent. But in spite of (or maybe because of) its simplicity, deep house music can infuse a subway ride with meaning — a long drive to nowhere with pedal-pumping adrenaline. It is both unapologetically primal and modern. It instills 21st-century life with depth, emotion, and motivation. And it can improve your mental health, focus, and drive right now. There is nothing to cure a bad mood — or crowded commute — like a healthy dose of bass. Listening to music that you like, in general, will release dopamine, which elevates your mood. But there’s something about house music’s depth and repetition that makes it even more unforgiving. It wants to make you feel good. Why not let it? House music has the ability to put you into a trance (even without illicit substances). For me, it can feel like embracing everything we’re told is bad about modern life — the isolation caused by technology, our increasing unwillingness to feel real emotions, and boredom — just for a few minutes of hedonism. People have been suffering for millennia without the ability to put on some headphones and blast deep house music. Why wouldn’t we enjoy it every once in a while?

What are some of your favorite moments when performing your records?

My main aim is to engage and entertain the audience. But one of my favorite moments is to see people vibe to the song - making them smile and dance to the song. Even if these are newly invented dance styles.

Tell us two things you've learned over the years and how it has impacted your life positively?

Firstly, my best advice is to accept and appreciate criticism. In the beginning, you have to understand that your music will not be the best it can be. There may be some things that need fixing or do not sound great. You will be turned down by multiple labels and told plenty of times that your music needs work. It’s about listening to all the criticism and using it to improve your work.

What's next for you?

My goals are to always keep improving on my music and hopefully collaborate with a wider variety of artists and producers, such as Jewels, Joel Corry, SOMMA, and many more. I have a few other releases planned for this year. I’m also working on my first EP too, so hopefully, that will be ready by the end of the year.


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