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Canadian Band The Coywolves Excites Listeners with “As You Were Meant To”

Canadian band, The Coywolves are the band that will leave you mesmerized by their latest song release! The Coywolves released their latest single titled “As You Were Meant To”. “ As You Were Meant To” begins with a lengthy introduction that showcases a beautiful acoustic guitar chord. The melody was soft and subtle, preparing you for the potential atmosphere of the record. “As You Were Meant To” introduces us to our first transition in the song when the instrumentation changes the tempo. The riveting strums of the guitar become more rhythmic right before the vocals smooth itself into the song.

The Coywolves’ vocal delivery was as soft-like in texture as the instrumentation was. “As You Were Meant To” sets a calming mood yet helps you reflect on your emotions. It’s a song that evokes the theme of love and compassion and also fighting for what and who you want. This theme is super relatable for the typical person. Although the song may evoke this theme, the vibe was still delightful and enigmatic. The Coywolves sound is based around energetic, soulful rock and roll, with songs that will make you want to jump up and down, and songs that are ideal for late nights around the fire. “As You Were Meant To” was the perfect record that can be enjoyed by the company of others. You will see the energy radiate through the crowd as you both become compelled by the sounds of The Coywolves. You can listen to “As You Were Meant To” by The Coywolves here!

Listen to The Coywolves here.



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