Catch Kyunaa in a Sonic 'Spiral,' With His Latest EP

From Russia to Cyprus, singer-songwriter, producer, and recording artist Kyunaa introduces us to his versatile electronic inclinations with his latest 5-track EP, 'Spiral.'

The Cyprus-based artist began creating music around the age of 13, which later transitioned into a heavy mix of electronic and underground music. Fast forward to today, Kyunaa's broadened his horizons with the sounds of pop, hip-hop, and trap, describing his sound as "Gorrilaz binge-watching Bladerunner with Rammstein."

Recently releasing his 5-track EP, 'Spiral,' the project opens with the high-energy introductory track, "Moon Eyes." As Kyunaa's powerful delivery makes its initial appearance, he livens our spirits with help from his plucky and versatile sonic background that brings us all the heat and fire we've been craving. We love the dynamic range of this song, as Kyunaa opens the track with this heavy hip-hop rap while transitioning into a dark-pop atmosphere with his crunchy vocal filters and overall energetic performance. We can't get enough of this spicy and exhilarating project opener, as it perfectly introduces us to the versatile sound and style that Kyunaa has to offer.

Moving into the next track, "BassHound," this track opens on a more eerie and haunting note with Kyunaa's powerful vocal delivery and the accompanying electronic sonics that later drop into a plucky hip-hop beat. As Kyunaa begins to dive into the song's lyrical content, he expands on the false realities that vain and self-centered artists create for themselves while biting off more than they can chew. As we reach the bass-heavy hook, Kyunaa rides the scorching hot beat while the sonics pump up the party and pierce us with incredible energy and sonic zest.

The EP's midway point "Sleep in Your Sleep," opens with a plucky synth arrangement that drops into the powerful hip-hop beat while Kyunaa makes his upbeat vocal appearance and jumps into his lively rap. The song's lyrical theme touches on the experience of waking up only to find out that you've been dreaming this whole time. We can't help but feel that this track acts as a needed wake-up call to anyone who's lost themselves in unhealthy fantasy or the false realities that society encourages through social media. As the lush and dynamic sonics float in the background and lead us to the outro, Kyunaa jumps around the fiery hook one last time to close the track.