Catch The Groove Of Archpalatine's New Hit, "Hypnotized"

Grooving in from Philadelphia, PA, is funk-soul four-piece Archpalatine with an anthem for passionate and chemistry-fuelled encounters entitled "Hypnotized."

Archpalatine comprises Derek Anthony Wilson, Anthony Pompey, Ben High, and Aaron Wolf. The four-piece has made waves since its debut record in 2018. Having toured across NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, and DC, the band has also played a ton of renowned festivals like Glenside Arts Festival, Ambler Music Festival, Manayunk Music Festival, and more.

In the band's most recent venture, they whip up an anthem for undeniable chemistry in a new single, "Hypnotized." It's no doubt that Archpalatine brings the heat, energy, and groove in this soulful and funky piece. To them, it represents "the wonderfully woozy feeling you get when you are on the dancefloor," and someone gives you a glimpse of their "amazing energy and chemistry," notes Archpalatine.

Jumping into the new track, "Hypnotized," we're met with the grooviest instrumentals that take us back to the bumping 70s nightclub scene. There's so much rhythm and energy in this single right off the bat, and lead vocalist Wilson sets the scene with picturesque lyrics of feeling swooned by someone's magnetic ways.

All while he keeps the lyrical energy alive, Pompey's soothing background vocals, High's thumping bass licks, and Wolf's high-energy drum break keep us locked into the groove. This song is the perfect summer anthem for a pregame before a night out or lifting the spirits and bringing a little love into the listener's days.

Groove the night away with help from Archpalatine's passionate and fiery new single, "Hypnotized," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Archpalatine. We adore the energy and life you bring in your new single, "Hypnotized." What inspired this groovy club banger?

Hey BuzzMusic! We are very stoked about this interview. Thank you! We’re happy to hear that and glad you could feel what we do when we perform our song. “Hypnotized” was inspired by a memory and a feeling. That one-of-a-kind feeling of finding the sexiest person and making a connection with them on the dance floor. Not realizing that they are so fine you end up hypnotized and wrapped around their sexy ass finger-like stretchy gum.

Your sound is very distinct. Does your band have any musical influences that have impacted your sound and style?

It always amazes us to hear different respected perspectives about our sound. Do you know why? Because we are not trying to emulate any specific musician. Each one of us has a unique walk of life in music, and somehow, when it comes together, new magic is created. Some of us have influences in jam bands like Phish. Others love Haim, Maxwell, Beyonce, Harry Styles, Megan the Stallion, Mariah Carey, Grateful Dead, Bowie, Landon Pigg, Brandy, Karen Clark Sheard, and many more!

What did you want the listener to feel and experience when hearing "Hypnotized?"

Ooo we want everyone to experience funky fun, swanky soul, retro love, and skate arena magic. We want our listeners to dance. We want them to feel a sense of sharing and a time when everything was carefree and joyful. We just want to share with you in general! We love music, making music, creating, and exploring. And we want you to get all the feels and energy in our sharing. We also want to give you back what you feel. In a live show, our energy reflects heavily on the energy you give. So we are gonna pour it on and watch the wave come back and hit us too! Vibes.

How does "Hypnotized" fit into your upcoming album? What should we expect from that project?

I’m going to metaphorically relate some songs from our album to a delicious random spread of foods. “Hypnotized” is a sweet jar of honey dripping over the rim. “Can’t Compare” is a hot buttered waffle waiting for syrup. “Who am I to Judge” is a tangy zesty marmalade. “Be Alright”, cookies and cream ice cream. And on and on! Is your mouth watering yet? This album is a delectable compilation of songs we are very proud of and can't wait to share with you! And Hypnotized is a sweet dollop of there’s more where that came from! Let’s eat! What's next for you?

The band is gearing up for our summer collection of shows. With the upcoming release of our “Hypnotized” music video… coming soon - Directed by Tim Kruger. We’re playing an amazing star-studded festival called Robin and Beth Fest, happening in The Poconos on June 11th. Following that we’re heading right into Manayunk and headlining Dawson St Pub on June 17th with Box of Books and Shadowmaker! Come see us live; we can’t wait to rock with you!