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Celestial Navigation Indulges Us In The Finer Details With, "Press Home"

Charting new waters on the wind and waves of harmony, Celestial Navigation was formed in 2013 out of a need for three seasoned musicians to create something truly unique.

Soaring violin solos, hypnotic rhythms, and insightful lyrics are just a few of the tenors that you can expect from this band. Hailing from Ankara, Turkey, Didem Somel (vocals, strings, and keys), Glen Anderson (double bass), and Robby Albrecht, (drums, vocal, production), form the empowering trio that is Celestial Navigation.

Shining a light on the introductory song, “Press Home,” from Celestial Navigation’s highly anticipated album, ‘From Afar,' we indulge ourselves in the poignant sounds fashioned in a striking mid-tempo collection of raw emotion.

Guiding this record in an effortless influence of rhythmic tempo, the bassline digs into a structural finesse of fortified unification. Acting as a skeleton for the enticing elements to soon layer their radiance over, you find yourself fixated on each instrument as its own individual offering of peace and tranquility.

The arrangement sits on the line of ease and buoyancy. With soothing vocals to grace the mix in a seamless fashion, you gravitate towards Celestial Navigation as they cast out the spellbinding, “Press Home,” for all to feast upon.

Just when you thought this track had conveyed its full offerings in the realm of syncopation, Didem Somel lays down an introspective stringed solo that has your jaw descent to the flooring beneath your feet.

The overall essence that drives the spirit of, “Press Home,” is the eloquent manner that Celestial Navigation works together like a well-oiled machine. Playing upon each member's talents, but delivering a synthesis of explosive emotion in a united front, Celestial Navigation has us following their compass and allowing them to lead the way.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Celestial Navigation. The delivery in, “Press Home,” truly sets the tone for your album, ‘From Afar.’ What is the creative reasoning for placing this single first on the tracklist? We think it gives a nice introduction to the different aspects of our sound and it has a catchy chorus.

Could you please take us into what the creative and recording process entailed when customizing your entire album, ‘From Afar?'

Didem writes all the music. We rehearse a lot before recording. We recorded it and mixed it all in our home studio. Robby does all the engineering and production. It was mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering in Seattle. How does, “Press Home,” and the entire album as a whole compare to previous bodies of work that you have released? We learn a lot with each record. Our first one, Southern Cross, was pretty much recorded live and is very artsy. Our second record, Cosmic Journey, is more accessible. With From Afar, we feel we really have refined our sound to a nice combination of the two.

With live performances playing such a huge role in your life, how have you found it adjusting to the new world of performances since Covid-19 touched down?

It’s been hard. We finished the record during the early part of the pandemic. Since we got a green screen and have been making videos. We are trying to boost our internet presence.





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