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Challenge Yourself with Astral Voyage's Empowering Single, "Fear No More"

Launching their vivid journey through the cosmos, the genre-bending collective Astral Voyage teams up with The Big Electric Orchestra for their latest single, "Fear No More."

Following the single "Fear No More," Astral Voyage is headed towards the release of their debut album, 'Our Heart.' Collaborating with The Big Electric Orchestra for this single and the forthcoming album, the orchestra consists of 39 trailblazing musicians from around the world.

Focusing on our chakra and the human condition for their latest single, "Fear No More," Astral Voyage mentioned that the song takes listeners through the grounding nature of our root chakra while leaving us empowered and up for any adventure.

Beginning our venture into the celestials with "Fear No More," the track opens with a narrator explaining the depths of understanding fear and how to conquer it. While the broad blend of electronic/organic instrumentals begins pouring through our speakers with heightened energy, the large and pounding beat drops while leaving us in awe of the heavy and intricate arrangements.

Featuring on "Fear No More" is the Netherlands-based vocalist Chanti, who sings a smooth and empowering message of finding a light at the end of the tunnel. While a groovy house beat sets in, the featured saxophonist Boyce Griffith sweetens the song with the utmost soul alongside The Big Electric Orchestra's exhilarating and cinematic appeal.

Get your groove on with Astral Voyage's latest single, "Fear No More," and let the single dispel any fear from your days. Catch Astral Voyage's forthcoming album 'Our Heart' later this year.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Astral Voyage, we love the energy and power you've delivered through your latest single, "Fear No More." What inspired your group to write a song about overcoming fear and the challenges in doing so?

Thank you! The song was originally inspired by a poem written by Jason's step-father about overcoming fear. The goal of this song and the whole album has been to write music with a message that is a reflection of the times. In today's world, fear has a grip on society and is holding many back from fulfilling their purpose and true potential. When accepting and knowing that one has fear and where it stems from, one can then truly overcome it. As the narrator of the song says, "Knowledge is the dispeller of fear. It breaks it up, makes it fade. Understanding is oh so near."

How did the creative process go about for "Fear No More" when collaborating with The Big Electric Orchestra, Boyce Griffith, and Chanti? How long was the song in the making?

The song was actually written 5 years ago when our Creative Director Jason was in college. During that time was when Boyce Griffith recorded his sax solo while Jason and Boyce were college roommates. It went through many iterations and revisions over the years. We recorded the orchestra in Spain with a full big band horn section and many other people from all around the world. While in Europe, Jason met Chanti and she laid down the vocals as Jason was returning to the United States. Our creative process was based on combining many different worlds of music into one track from the roots of blues and jazz to orchestral to high-energy electronic. Overall, the creative goal for this song was to create a musical experience that illustrates the energy of the Root Chakra.

Throughout your forthcoming album, 'Our Heart,' will you touch on more empowering themes? Do you expand on different chakras of the body as well?

Absolutely! 'Our Heart' symbolizes a journey through the essence of the human condition and each song of the album is representative of one of the seven major chakras. Some of the themes the music will exemplify are coming in touch with creative power, a manifestation of one's purpose, universal love, self-expression, and much more!

Could you break down the members within your group and what listeners should expect when listening to your music?

Astral Voyage: The Big Electric Orchestra consists of many members scattered around the globe. We have 7 woodwind players, 8 brass players, a full rhythm section of drums, electric bass, electric guitar, piano, and many members on MIDI keyboards, synthesizers, and electronic controllers. We also have 2 violinists, a viola player, a cellist, and a harpist. Along with the instrumentalists, there are 5 rappers and 14 singers!!! Finally, the band is conducted by Jason Faust when live performances were happening. We hope to get back to the stage soon! Up next on our release schedule is the rest of the album! We will be releasing each track once a month. Coming in April is the song based on the Sacral Chakra called Flowin' and much more to come after!

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