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Chechi Sarai's Tears Are Masked In “December Rain”

Chechi Sarai is a singer, songwriter, and producer whose accolades outnumber her time in the music industry. A Michigan native born to Nigerian immigrants, Chechi's influences are an eclectic mix of several cultures. Equally, at home, working in Afrobeats, R&B, and Soft Rock music, her versatility as a performer and composer is unmatched amongst her peers.

"December Rain" is the latest poignant single to grace Chechi Sarai's burgeoning music catalog. With a magical piano composition being the therapeutic foundation upon which to lay her velvety croons, this record sits on a spectrum of daring and courageous themes conquering vulnerability at its finest moments.

As soon as we press play on "December Rain," a myriad of emotions come flooding in. You hear Chechi Sarai perform with tenacity as she braves her heart's inner monologue and brings forth poetic and relatable wording.

A unique vocalist, we admire how her inflection embraces the course of this song. She brings forth more power to her articulation and control of her vocal runs as the song progresses and introduces angelic harmonies as it tapers toward the end. Chechi Sarai is a magician in painting vivid imagery through the canvas of her lyricism, and as we hear the recurring words, "And it rained, and it rained, and it snowed," we can't help but be transported to this destination.

A rising artist with many accomplishments in her career thus far, Chechi Sarai is a multifaceted emerging artist to be on the lookout for.

Listen to "December Rain" on all streaming platforms today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chechi Sarai! We adore the emotion your showcase in your latest single, "December Rain." With such powerful lyrics, please let us in on the story of the song

Thank you! I wrote December Rain when I realized that I may not have truly experienced love yet. This song was a message for anyone who wanted to date me at the time. It was a warning. I was happy and just wanted to be honest. The song came out so serious.

You convey brilliance and power as we take in each note sung. What was the vibe like in the studio when bringing this song to life? How did you know when it was complete?

When I recorded "December Rain," I was so excited to get the idea out of my head. The session was quick and effortless. I recorded and produced the entire song in my bedroom. The intent for my first recording was to do a good reference and have the song reproduced later. My manager and a few of my good friends insisted the record was amazing and raw with just me on it, so I went ahead and released it!

You have such a beautiful voice and immense talent, and this has brought you opportunities like singing live backgrounds for Kanye West, Lucky Daye, Deborah Cox, and more. What can you tell us about these experiences and how these moments helped you in your music career?

I have been truly blessed to sing behind legendary acts. I learned so much about the flow of a live show, discipline, and more. Most importantly, my singing background provided me with opportunities to grow vocally. I was either mastering a skill I already had or learning a new one with each performance.

Compared to other songs in your music catalog, how does "December Rain" compare?

December Rain is the first ballad I wrote, recorded, produced, and mixed. This record is not from the perspective of being in love. All of my other releases were from an "I have or had love" point of view. I was sharing a new emotion I was experiencing in real-time. I'm enjoying being single and the new concepts that come to mind!

What's next for you?

I have entered a new season of confidently walking into my life as an artist/producer. I love music and will have more to share very soon!



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