Check Out “Grizzy Bop” By Griz Gusto Of Mass Money Entertainment

Griz Gusto is an exclusive member of the rap group Mass Money Entertainment. Griz was born and raised in Waltham, MA/Orlando, FL. Despite being born in Waltham, Grizʼs roots run deep into the Caribbean islands. Born to two Haitian parents, he proudly claims and represents the Haitian- American community. His earliest music inspirations were Biggie and Lil Wayne. He was mind blown by Biggieʼs flow and style. Since then, he fell in love with hip-hop and the culture. Griz Gusto is considered to be the most versatile of the group. He prides himself on his versatility which makes him unpredictable on the mic, giving him an edge over todayʼs new artists. Griz Gusto’s next project, “Asylum”, will be dropping on Halloween 2019!

“Grizzy Bop” starts with a familiar scene from the classic TV show, Dexter's Laboratory then quickly explodes into a heavy beat. Griz’s leading voice meanders through the various sections in a flawless way, moving from that initial mellow aura to something impressively quick and still skillfully in tune with the natural movement of the music. As an introduction to his work, “Grizzy Bop” makes for a strong starting point. There’s a certain tone and overall quality to the voice and indeed the manner in which the lyrics are delivered. Everything feels fresh and loaded with just enough personality to make it easily recognizable. There’s an intensity to the performance, an appreciation for the good times, which reflects and reinforces the song’s underlying sentiment and the whole late-night party vibe in general.

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Welcome to BuzzMusic Griz Gusto! Can you tell us all about this track “Grizzy Bop”? What was the writing process like?

First and foremost, thank you for having me! It’s truly an honor. Grizzy Bop was inspired by this little dance that I always do when I’m out having a good time, catching a vibe. It’s my go to dance, especially when I’m really diggin the music that’s playing hahah. As far as the writing process is concerned I really wanted this track to be a hit song that got everyone to do my dance, like the milly rock for instance. I also wanted to really deliver with my lyrics so I wasn’t boxed in as that type of artist. A one and done type.

You have a really versatile and unique style, how long have you been making music?

I really appreciate that and take pride in being versatile. I’ve been making music for 14 years now. I consider myself a hybrid because I feel I can do a little bit of everything and I’m not afraid to showcase that. 

Can you tell us more about your much anticipated project “Asylum”?

Asylum is an EP I’m dropping Halloween night. This will actually be my second drop this year, I dropped my debut album “Talk to Me” on Easter Sunday. This project I will be giving my fans something a little different. Asylum will have more of a fall/winter feel to it, in the sense where it’ll be more gritty/east-coast rap. Their might even be a big name or two you recognize on the track list. You’ll have to wait and see! 

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

I hope my listeners use me as an escape. I aim to make music that you can turn to for whatever mood you’re in. I think my fans will appreciate that because not only does it keep them coming back but it’ll also give the haters something to talk about. 

What is it about making music that draws such passion from you?

Making Music is not so much a passion of mine as it is more instinctual. Like a baby bird getting dropped from the nest when the mother bird feels it is ready to fly. Then in that moment, there you have it the bird is off to go on it’s own journey. I’m that bird in many ways, I don’t do music because it’s just a cool hobby and it’s another revenue stream, I do it because it’s a part of me. I was literally born for this. 


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