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Check Out Korfian’s Latest EP “Postfire” And Escape To The Experimental Sonics

Previously compared to Depeche Mode, Fever Ray, iamamiwhoami, and TsarB, Korfian is an Athens-based music producer, singer, and songwriter. He creates dark and melancholic experiences for his listeners, fusing both gritty soundscapes with otherworldly reverberations and dramatic sounds. Korfian began in 2015 and soon released a 4-track EP titled “Baroque” in 2017. A year after, “Baroque” was followed by “Event Horizon”  a second EP from Korfian, including 5 tracks, one of them sung in Greek. Out now is Korfian’s 4-track EP “Postfire”, that features “Handful Of Dirt”, a Baroque-Pop anthem, setting the tone for Korfian’s authentic sound. 

Handful Of Dirt” features experimental and ground-breaking sounds with eerily melancholic vocals and themes intertwined. The sonic soundscapes provide a mind-bending experience for the listeners, allowing them to escape into Korfian’s eclectic world. Hypnotizing and finely-tuned, “Handful Of Dirt” is a dark electronic motif with elements that make the listener feel emotions of isolation and disparity. The mesmerizing synths and emotive lyricism fuse together into sounds that are authentic to Korfian’s style. His deep vocal tone and range keep the listener enticed while his experimental musical elements draw you further to a melancholic conclusion. We can’t wait to see what mysterious new projects Korfian will have for us in the future!

Check out “Handful Of Dirt” here and read more below in our exclusive interview.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Korfian!  It's great to be able to feature "Handful Of Dirt" from “Postfire”! How did the production for the track go?

Thank you for having me! The production went beyond my expectations actually. I surely wanted a deeper, more complex result than my previously released music in terms of melody,

but I did not imagine all those layers would fit so harmonically. It feels like a level-up.

What's the most integral message you want to be communicated to your listeners with "Handful Of Dirt"?

To stop dwelling on the past. Nothing can be done about it. What can be done is happening here and now.

Let's focus on that and walk through it carrying the lessons and experiences we have gained!

Are you able to describe the impact music has had on your life thus far? How do you feel you personally connect with music?

The impact was huge considering that I never imagined myself singing or creating music before 2015.

I had built my vision of the future around graphic design and the need to make music was my personal game changer.

No sure how I connect with music. But I can say that as a kid watching Mtv in the 90's until now, I've always been hungry to discover new voices, styles of music and even personas of artists. So the connection goes far back.

What was the concept behind the music video for “Handful Of Dirt”? It was captivating! 

Thank you so much! The story of this video and 'Postfire' as a whole is following the events of the previous EP. My life afterwards.

The video is dressed in red light coming from the Blood Moon, a phenomenon representing the beginning of the end times according to the Bible.

That is how we feel when suffering. Like it's the end of the world. The vocals of songstress Joanna Bebelaki, my lovely muse, is actually our inner voice when it finally reaches the surface and tells us to move on.

It was a treat to have you here on BuzzMusic Korfian! Tell us what you have planned next for yourself as an artist?!

I used to plan everything but as I grow I plan less and less.

I'm being spontaneous and I go where the road takes me. One thing that stays is that I need to make one EP each year as long as I can afford it and maybe make some baby steps towards confidence when singing in front of people.

I might as well try to reach out to people who can support live shows of mine. When I feel ready that is!

Connect with Korfian on social media for new music and updates:

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