Chloë Agnew Shows Us What Life Is Like On The Road, In New Music Video, "On My Own"

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, the empowering singer-songwriter and recording artist Chloë Agnew releases her version of Slaughter's "Own My Own" as part of Kari Wahlgren's latest album, 'Kari Wahlgren Presents SlaughtHER Volume 1.'

Agnew is known worldwide as a star with a unique vocal nuance that sets her apart from other up-and-coming vocalists. She's one of the stars and lead singers of the long-running award-winning Irish traditional ensemble, Celtic Woman. She's had the pleasure of touring the world and sharing the stage with various Grammy award-winning acts.

Now releasing her music video for the cover of Slaughter's "Own My Own," Chloë Agnew showcases her powerful and breathtaking vocal stylings while living the life of a star on the road. We get to see behind-the-scenes footage of what it's like touring the world alongside staple ensembles like Celtic Woman.

The music video for Chloë Agnew's cover of "On My Own" opens with scenes of her hopping off the plane for her tour's next stop. While the video transitions over to performance shots of Chloë Agnew and accompanying women, viewers are able to witness the raw emotion and passion that Chloë Agnew's artistry has to offer.

We adore the underlying message of the music video, as Chloë Agnew is seen signing autographs and living the life of a star on the road; she sings the emotional lyrics written by Slaughter to depict the lonely feelings that come with stardom. We were honestly taken aback when listening to Chloë Agnew's exceptional vocals, as they hold such power and depth that stop us dead in our tracks.

Catch Chloë Agnew's latest music video for her cover of Slaughter's "On My Own" on YouTube.

Welcome, Kari and Chloë, it's a treat to have you both with us at BuzzMusic. Kari can you start by telling us how the SlaughtHER Vol. 1 album project came together during last year’s lockdown/pandemic?

KARI: I went to a hairband festival in 2016 with some friends, and Slaughter was one of the bands that were playing that day. I was just electrified by their music. I knew a couple of their songs when I was younger, but I’d never heard them live, and something about their set really captured my imagination.

So what was the process that eventually brought SlaughtHER to become two full-length albums?

KARI: “ I started putting together a female tribute show in Los Angeles, but I couldn’t sing like Mark Slaughter… so I decided to do the songs as I heard them in my head…which was in all different genres of music… when the pandemic hit, we couldn’t do our live shows anymore so I focused on recording the album remotely, under strict Covid safety protocols. Of all the possible vocalists to ask to sing ‘On My Own,’ how did you come up with the idea to feature Chloë Agnew?

KARI: I always felt that Chloe was perfect for this song… it felt like such a sweeping, grand ballad and she has such a powerful voice… I asked her if she might be interested, and luckily, she said yes! We were able to record her vocals right before the shutdown, and she was able to film the video over in Ireland. It all sort of came together. What a powerful and conceptual music video you've released with "On My Own." What inspired the star-on-tour concept for this video

CHLOË: All kudos to Kari for that one- she thought the idea of using some on-the-road footage of touring life and insight of the other side of loneliness on the road would connect great with the lyrics of the song which I think it does perfectly. Luckily, I try to film or take photos of everything I do so I can look back on those moments for the rest of my days and it was such a thrill to go back through my photo archives and find the right pieces which my brilliant videographer friend BadBearVisuals edited in so well. Combining it with a performance studio setup gave us the chance to film in the beautiful Hellfire Studios in the Dublin mountains. It’s one of the videos I’m most proud of in my career to date and I’m so thankful to Kari for giving me that opportunity to create it all with her!

How did your collaboration with Kari Wahlgren go about? Will 'Kari Wahlgren Presents: SlaughtHER Volume 1' mark your first time working together?

CHLOË: I met Kari many years back in LA through the songwriting community and I became one of her biggest fans both as a person and of her incredible talents. So needless to say as soon as she invited me to be part of this project I was beyond honored and thrilled to get a chance to work with her and be included on an album of so many badass women!!! It’s our first official time collaborating together but I certainly don’t think it’ll be our last. I would jump at the chance to do anything with her again- I’m voting for the ’SlaughtHER’ Live Show Tour! What did you want your audience to take away from the music video for "On My Own?'

CHLOË: I hope when they watch it, they’ll focus on those beautiful and very real lyrics and they can relate or connect to it personally in some way. It also shows an insight into the other side of touring life that most people don’t get to see and one of the reasons I connected with this song & the video concept so much was because it’s my life story. I know what it’s like to love and lose someone and hide that part of you because the show must go on! Chloë, seeing that you're a part of the Irish ensemble Celtic Woman, do you also release solo music? Or do you only release music when collaborating with your ensemble and Kari Wahlgren?

CHLOË: I was part of the original Celtic Woman lineup and toured for almost a decade before moving on to pursue a solo career. Since then I’ve focused on writing, recording, and releasing my original songs and involving myself in a wide variety of projects from songwriting, music, film & TV. It’s been a joy exploring different musical genres and collaborating with a wide variety of artists and musicians which has enriched my life greatly. I’m getting ready to release lots of new projects I’ve been working on-You can keep up to date with all my upcoming projects both solo, collaborative and my recent return to Celtic Woman on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @ChloeAgnew or my website What's in store for both of your worlds in the coming months?

KARI: In my voiceover world, I’m recording more episodes of “Sharkdog” and I am voicing characters in “A Tale Dark and Grimm” for Netflix. I’m also getting ready to announce a couple of pretty exciting projects, so you can follow me on social media, or via for updates. And I am working on SlaughtHER Volume 2, which should be out next year! CHLOË: I have some exciting solo projects in the works-I’m releasing some new songs I’ve written and recorded over the last couple of years which I can’t wait to share and most recently I recorded a new album & filmed a new DVD with Celtic Woman all over Ireland which is coming to PBS later this fall, I’m so excited for people all over the world to see what we’ve created!!! I also can’t wait to get back out on tour this December in the US for some solo shows and all next Spring with Celtic Woman! I can’t wait for the return of shows everywhere….And again- I would love to see ‘SlaughtHER’ become a full live production and we would take it on the road so people can enjoy this incredibly cool project and hear this music performed live!