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Close Your Eyes And Make A Wish… Rhea Robertson Releases New Single “Wish You Were Dead”

With a voice that floats on air, Rhea Robertson's new single “Wish You Were Dead” debuts a serene, cool quality despite its bitter title.

This gloomy, soft melody has a fusion of sounds mingling wistful jazz tones with easy listening pop like backdrops and expressive lyrics.

An honest, reflective post relationship run down of a grief stricken partner, “Wish You Were Dead” is a personal account to ones anguish and despair. While listening to Rhea sing, her voice is parallel to artists such as Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish and Daisy Gray.

With regular commercial airtime and Spotify streams above and beyond 195,000 listens, Rhea is receiving very positive reviews for the music she is creating.

Gold Coast Music Song of the Year finalist, Rhea has been extremely busy; whether its writing and recording with the likes of Luke Wylde (producer), Sean Katrowitz (Ruel, Kelly Clarkson), and Phil Simmonds (Jessie J MD, Quincy Jones) or preparing for her numerous releases in 2019, Rhea is set to dazzle listeners with her multi-faceted and sultry music and lyrics. “Wish you were dead” is now available for streaming and follow her to make sure you don’t miss what Rhea has in store next!

Listen to “Wish You Were Dead” here and catch up with Rhea in our interview below!

Hi Rhea, congratulations on your latest release, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Where did you get the inspiration to write “wish you were dead”?

“I wish you were dead, so I didn’t have to hate you and I could just miss you instead”.  This was the first line of a diary entry after experiencing major heartbreak a few years ago.  My experience of it felt like going through the stages of grief like you would if someone passed.  But trying to navigate the minefield of a broken heart was like running blind.  How could I mourn the loss when the person was still living and breathing, just choosing to live without me? That’s the place the song started from. Not so much a vengeful wish of death, but more so a self preservation of wanting to be able to miss that person instead of hate them.  I felt pretty vulnerable and nervous about sharing this one as it is so personal to me, but I’ve had such an amazing response so far of people resonating

Music to me feels like my contribution to creating a better world.  Finding ways to relate to large amounts of people, using sound and lyricism to transport a listener to the inside of their heart.  We listen to music when we are the happiest, the saddest, when we fall in love, when our hearts break, in the best and worst moments.  We listen to feel, to be understood. When people step into their emotions it opens them up and when we have more people on the planet who are in touch with their own personal growth, then we all benefit! So that’s generally the driving inspiration behind me writing and releasing any song :)

You said the power of music moved you beyond the heartache and into a positive mindset. Do you always tap into personal experiences when writing music?

I often draw from personal experience to tell my stories.  I have had quite the full life already, so there are always plenty of moments to draw from.  If I am feeling like a challenge I do love to  write from the perspective of a “character”.  In that way by adapting to the way of thinking of a character I’ve created, I’m able to write from completely new angles and experiences that aren’t necessarily my own.


Who are you listening to currently that inspires to create your own content?

To be honest I’m sometimes a little behind on new music! I’m such a fan of the old classics from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s,  that I find myself listening to my favourites all the time.  However I have been following the journey of Billie Eilish lately, she’s really fascinating and I admire her authenticity to her self! Lana Del Rey has always been a favourite of mine.  Years ago I checked her out after a few people had pointed out similarities in our voices! I definitely found that to be a massive compliment! I

As an artist what space do you create for yourself to allow your creativity flourish?

I definitely allow myself to be a bit of a hermit if I feel the need to be.  Usually when I crave nights at home, feeling less social, my mind has trouble sleeping, then I know I’m in a super creative period.  I just roll with it, I take the time to give space for the magic to happen.  I’ve made myself a little home studio with everything I could need...fairy lights, recording equipment, speakers, keys, electric and acoustic guitar, plenty of pens/notebooks and a heart full of inspiration.  My kitten always loves to join me in there.  But then there are also times where inspiration will hit randomly while I’m walking somewhere and I have to do the awkward quiet voice memo!  So I guess I just welcome creativity in always, I will always have the space for it and make the time to let it flourish.

What are you hoping the next year brings to your career and growth as an artist?

I’m going to keep releasing music and videos all year.  I have so much ready to share, so get ready! I’m hoping that by making quality music, working hard, faith in myself it will lead to more and more amazing opportunities as it always has.  


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