Close Your Eyes And Make A Wish… Rhea Robertson Releases New Single “Wish You Were Dead”

With a voice that floats on air, Rhea Robertson's new single “Wish You Were Dead” debuts a serene, cool quality despite its bitter title.

This gloomy, soft melody has a fusion of sounds mingling wistful jazz tones with easy listening pop like backdrops and expressive lyrics.

An honest, reflective post relationship run down of a grief stricken partner, “Wish You Were Dead” is a personal account to ones anguish and despair. While listening to Rhea sing, her voice is parallel to artists such as Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish and Daisy Gray.

With regular commercial airtime and Spotify streams above and beyond 195,000 listens, Rhea is receiving very positive reviews for the music she is creating.

Gold Coast Music Song of the Year finalist, Rhea has been extremely busy; whether its writing and recording with the likes of Luke Wylde (producer), Sean Katrowitz (Ruel, Kelly Clarkson), and Phil Simmonds (Jessie J MD, Quincy Jones) or preparing for her numerous releases in 2019, Rhea is set to dazzle listeners with her multi-faceted and sultry music and lyrics. “Wish you were dead” is now available for streaming and follow her to make sure you don’t miss what Rhea has in store next!