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College Radio Reminds Us of Better Days With Their Fiery EP, 'I Used to Get Messed Up'

Coming in from the gloomy Emerald City of Seattle, the stimulating Pop-Punk band College Radio releases a treat for the ears with their powerhouse EP, "I Used to Get Messed Up."

Making a name for themselves through their catchy choruses, fierce drums, and blistering harmonies, College Radio is here to stay. By blending old-school Pop-Punk with modern Alternative twists, College Radio creates somewhat familiar and incredibly refreshing music.

With College Radio's latest EP, "I Used to Get Messed Up," the band offers four powerhouse tracks that grip onto your soul and have you sit and reflect on what these musical masterminds have conjured up. Through sweltering instrumentals and emotional lyrical messages, College Radio has done us a favor by releasing this project.

The EP opens with the first track, "Intro," consisting of a short and sweet fifteen-second electric guitar introduction, surrounded by whopping drum breaks and a plucky bassline, gearing listeners for the fiery EP they will soon indulge in.

The next track, "Comatose," sets sail with fiery rhythm guitar, whaling electric guitar, a gripping bassline, and bright drum patterns. As the lead vocalist Gordon begins singing of the sour truths of love, we can't help but bop our heads with his rhythmic delivery and unique vocal stylings that offer Punk's prime. As the energetic song continues, the surrounding instrumentals deliver sweet breakdowns that allow the listener to hear and feel the emotion that College Radio has infused into this triumphant track.

Moving on to the third track, "Untitled," the boys have recently seen incredible success through this track's prior release to the EP, and we can see why. While starting the song with vast energy through College Radio's entire Punk-infused instrumentals, lead vocalist Gordon begins singing about the jaded world we know today and seeking the light at the end of the tunnel. We must note how versatile College Radio is, as they deliver whopping instrumentals that contrast nicely with their reflective lyricism. Ending the song on that same energetic note, we love what the EP offers thus far.

With the project's fourth track, "Shine On," College Radio opens with bright and uplifting Pop-Punk instrumentals through Taylor's intense electric guitar, Gordon's thrilling vocals and equally rhythmic guitar, Mike's whopping drum patterns, and Evan's thumping bassline. With tight instrumentation as the verse continues, Gordon shines through with a saddened lyrical message surrounding waiting for someone who doesn't come around. While also singing of the constant cycle we undergo during our repeating days; College Radio truly powers through to allow the listener to feel seen and heard.

On to the last and title track of the EP, "I Used to Get Messed Up," the vocals switch up and begin with Taylor's lower range, totally capturing the likes of Travis Barker. While he starts singing about how he used to get messed up on a night out, the surrounding electric guitar offers tight and short bursts that provide a highly rhythmic sensation. As Taylor and Gordon begin singing back and forth with lyrics of going unnoticed by someone they hold close, we can feel the raw and heavy emotions that College Radio has created this project with merely through their passionate delivery, lyrically and instrumentally.

Through five gripping and lyrically emotional tracks on their EP "I Used to Get Messed Up," College Radio is soaring through the celestials of Pop-Punk with their passionate delivery, conceptual lyricism, and blistering instrumentals.

Where did your band find the inspiration to create your powerhouse EP, 'I Used to Get Messed Up'?

Gordon: Well it came together pretty easy! I and Taylor wrote most of “Shine On” and “Untitled” and “Comatose” in my old garage. Around that time just dealing with the obvious things like hating work and living with some interesting humans.

Evan: I’ve kinda rediscovered all this fantastic pop-punk and ska from when I was a kid, and just thought “why don’t I just play this? It’s fun as hell!” and this record is sort of a culmination of that ethos. Like, if it’s fun, why fight it?

Taylor: Pretty much what Gordon said, we all kind of took turns writing the instrumentals for each song. I came up with the intro and some of the parts to shine on while Gordon and Evan wrote the other songs.

Speaking on your band's blistering instrumentals within your EP 'I Used to Get Messed Up,' do you have a particular creative process and method that works best for your band when creating your instrumentals?

Gordon: I’ll tackle “Shine On” and “Untitled." With “Shine On” I really wanted something angry but still, something you could tap your feet too! With “Untitled” really went that old-school vibe palm-muted verses and big choruses. And the leads Taylor created for both really bring out how awesome these songs are!

Evan: It felt like we were all thinking the same thing when it came to instruments. We were all very clear on the sound we wanted, and I think that helped make it an extremely cohesive record, despite all the different genres present. We were all on the same page, completely. It just came together so easily that way.

Taylor: I and Gordon really took it home when we wrote Shine on. He came up with the catchy verses and chorus while I had the bridge to toy around with, which I ended up creating with a bang! All in all, the song came out just the way we wanted it to sound.

Seeing as the vocals within your EP 'I Used to Get Messed Up' consist of Gordon, Taylor and Evan did the three vocalists write the project's lyricism as well, or was this a group process?

Gordon: With these songs, it’s pretty split up but we always try and throw ideas. Like if I can’t figure the best fit I’ll see what Taylor or Evan would have in mind. On our newer stuff (not released) we def collab more!

Evan: I’m kind of a recluse and a pedant, so I like to endlessly pore over my lyrics before I bring them to the guys (it takes a lot of effort to sound this snotty and aloof!). But at that point, once I share them, it definitely becomes a collaborative process.

Taylor: When it comes to writing lyrics it’s usually Gordon and Evan that come up with them. I focus more on harmonies when it comes to recording vocals.

Did you have any outside help from producers or engineers when mixing and mastering your EP, 'I Used to Get Messed Up'? Or did your band execute this process as well?

Gordon: We did actually!! Jacob Hansen helped produced, engineer and mix, and master this whole ep with the help of Delwrick and our friend Dane!!

Evan: These dudes make us sound fantastic, and for that they are heroes.

Taylor: We got help from everyone that was involved with the recording and mixing process of IUTGMU that includes Jacob Hansen, Delwrick Nanthou, and Dane Stafford

How can listeners get to know your band better through your recent EP, 'I Used to Get Messed Up'? Does the project capture your band's personality and attitude?

Gordon: I personally think just cranking our EP up as loud as you can and taking a drive or hit the gym or hanging with friends(when not in a pandemic) and you really get to hear the diverse sound of all of us in this ep and the future songs we have been writing!!!

Evan: I think it captures our energy and zazz perfectly. It’s a catchy, fast, diverse album that was super fun to put together, and that really comes through when you hear it. It’s a blast.

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