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“Come Over,” And Let Us Shine A Spotlight On Natalie Nichole

Natalie Nichole, an all-rounded talented artist, has been performing for as long as she can remember, featuring in dancing groups, talent shows, TV Shows, commercials, to youth organizations such as NYA and HYPE. She gained even more experience in sessions for artists like Disney Star Coco Jones as well.

She went on to sign with a record label that we would later find out Nick Cannon owns, and her discography keeps growing. Her latest release has us hooked to the angelic, soulful, and romantic waves from beginning to end. She's in conversation with a male figure that she wants to make amends with, explaining that the past few months in the relationship have been rough and busy. She feels like she's falling out of touch, tired of being friends, and exhausted from all of his pretending.

This record gives us that nostalgic flashbacks and situations we can relate to whether you are male or female. Natalie isn't like any artist. With her drive and commitment, she is ready to take on the industry.

In her latest interview with BuzzMusic, she mentions she has been perfecting her craft for 11 years and has loved music since the age of 5. She talks about all the experiences and wonderful inspirations she met, such as Nick Cannon and Yvng Swag.

Natalie mentions there are alot of big things happening as she gets ready to roll out new music and videos. She has lined up some amazing interviews with radio stations, shows, and many more.

Check out the full review and interview here.


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