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CONNR Brightens Our Days With a Magnetic Single, "Feels So Good"

Turning heads through his many musical accolades, the LA-based award-winning artist and producer CONNR releases his lyrically autobiographical single entitled "Feels So Good."

Actively producing for artists through his company 137 Productions, CONNR has managed to get his sounds on the same bills as Halsey, Walk The Moon, K.Flay, and more. Merging genres like pop, alt-rock, and hip-hop through his versatile sound, CONNR is eager to form connections with his fanbase while engaging them with meaningful lyricism.

Releasing his sophomore single, "Feels So Good," CONNR takes listeners through unique sonic arrangements and the song's coming-of-age atmosphere.

While CONNR adds his expressive vocal style that offers an ode to classics like Tears For Fears, Level 42, and Depeche Mode, he also touches on themes of confronting the struggle of piecing fragments together of a once healthy relationship.

As we begin our adventure into "Feels So Good," the song takes off like a rocket and blasts us through an 80s synth-pop and exhilarating introduction. As CONNR begins vocalizing his love for someone and wanting them to stick by his side, he gives the song vast texture through each layered vocal track that warms the lively atmosphere.

We can feel blistering pop elements within this bouncy track, as well as the punchiness of alt-rock and progressive electronic music. Throughout the song's entirety, CONNR delivers a magnetic performance through his assertive and passionate stylings while also encouraging listeners to go after their dreams and to take opportunities that come knocking.

Find your groove with CONNR's sophomore single, "Feels So Good," and introduce yourself to the modern stylings of his discography, available on all digital streaming platforms.

Listen to, "Feels So Good," here.


Congratulations on releasing your exhilarating sophomore single, "Feels So Good." What inspired you to create this lyrically autobiographical and inspiring single?

Thank you! I was really inspired by 80's music at the time of writing this song as well as just in general, so musically I really wanted to capture that kind of vibe. The music itself actually inspired the lyrics to be especially emotionally compelling - I think the content is something that's relatable for a lot of people.

Was it challenging to write about rather emotional lyrical concepts for "Feels So Good"? Or did you find it easy to write lyrics that listeners will resonate with?

Actually, the lyrics came about pretty quickly and easily - they were co-written between myself and Jacob Guzman, who I used to play in a band with (Next Door to the Moon). My good friend Anthony Guerra contributed one line, but it's one of the coolest ones so I gotta give him a shout! ("Let's rewind to the beat of your heart.")

What was your creative process like for 'Feels So Good" when formulating such a dense sonic atmosphere? Did you work solo on this process?

I knew I wanted this song to capture an 80's vibe in a modern sonic scope. I played around with a lot of synth sounds and clean, melodic guitar parts. I wound up combining those elements with really punchy EDM drums. The majority of it I had a pretty clear creative vision for, but the producer of the track (Will Pugh - Cartel/TAURIDS) really helped round out the final product.

Could you tell us more about your production company 137 Productions? What sort of artists and music does the company represent?

I started 137 Productions a few years ago, basically, as a result of the demand, I was getting for producing other artist's material. I find a lot of joy in having the opportunity to take someone's vision and help make it into something they can be really proud of. I work in a wide variety of genres - rock, pop, hip hop, indie, alternative, folk... the list goes on.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Just burning passion and drive. I'll never stop making music - it's really my life and has been since I was 11 years old.



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