Country Artist Tom Galloway Releases Timeless Soundtrack for Long Drives, “Rearview”

Tom Galloway is an Americana Rocker, Singer, and Songwriter who was born in Georgia and raised in Texas. Now residing in Nashville, Tennessee, the budding musician combines his poetic storytelling with his magnetic, old-school country-rock style. 

Galloway has just released his second solo project called 'Rearview;' a six-song EP that showcases his musical versatility and passion. Named after the EP itself, his song “Rearview” is a lively tune that will have you downloading the entire project soon after.

Tom Galloway showcases his instrumental talent by making use of a piano melody, thumping bass drum, and enticing guitar techniques. He has an organically likable voice that gives “Rearview” its classic country feel.

With Tom Galloway’s spirited lyrics and “Rearview” feels like a soundtrack to someone’s road to freedom. Picture someone on horseback riding off into the sunset, or a car on the highway cruising into the distance. It’s the type of track that everyone would sing along to at the end of a night spent with good company and a few drinks.

“Rearview’s” hooking melody and carefree vibes are comparable to the productions of classic country artist John Denver.

With his ability to hook his audience after one listensTom Galloway leaves his fans excited to hear what else he has to offer.

Hello Tom and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. Can you tell us how your song “Rearview” compares to the rest of the EP?

"Rearview" probably has the most Americana feel to it out of all the songs on the record. I love the pedal steel on this one and the call and response between the lead guitar and steel during the solo section. I feel like it has chill vibes but still drives. We also overdubbed a secondary drum kit on the outro which I love.

How has your music changed and evolved over time since the beginning of your career as an artist?

I just think you're always evolving, there is no right way, only your own way. I definitely had many limitations as a performer and songwriter 15 years ago and I still have limitations now. Time and experience help you sift through what works and what doesn't. I'm still learning every day, that's the best part. 

Could you elaborate on your lyrics for “Rearview?” Is there a message you are trying to share with your audience?

"Rearview" is about moving forward without necessarily knowing where exactly that leads. There are aspects of heartbreak, faith, and freedom in there. 

You have a goal to produce timeless music as an artist. Can you elaborate on what this means to you? What makes “Rearview” a timeless track?

Timeless music to me means music that could've been written 40 years ago or could still hold up 40 years from now.  Basically, music that can stand the test of time. Music that isn't written based on trends but based on universal emotions and stories that can resonate forever.   

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

I mean what a ridiculous year, I still haven't processed it all and it seems to keep pulling out more surprises. Gratitude has been the biggest mantra for me in 2020 because things could always be worse. Obviously, live music has shifted in a major way which is unfortunate. But as a songwriter, not much has changed for me. If anything I've had more time and fewer distractions to focus. I do most of my writing alone at my home so that has stayed constant, and I honestly don't mind some solitude, but just trying to see the silver linings, staying positive and creative is the best we can do right now.