Crystal Joilena Releases a Hauntingly Beautiful Performance in "I'll Never Let Us Die"

New York-based dark alternative artist Crystal Joilena is fresh off the release of her latest single, “I'll Never Let Us Die.” Influenced by the likes of Sarah Brightman, Garbage, Depeche Mode, The Weeknd, and others, Crystal Joilena takes pieces of what inspires her and turns it on its head to create something intricate and distinctly hers. Continuing to break boundaries and genres, her momentum is only growing stronger.

In a colossal escapade of vibrant percussion, driving guitar riffs, and a complimenting contrast of Pop ballads meeting modern Rock edginess, the brilliant elements used to shape the soundscape of “I’ll Never Let Us Die,” has us hanging on to the edge of our seats. With Crystal Joilena submerging us in an elusive vocal that is dainty with heartfelt tenors, the empowering essence that has us anticipating the elevation explored bridges the gap between the verses and amplified chorus.

Both simmering into a bolstered example of the extensive vocal range she embodies to allow her narrative to sink in through various textures, the foreboding dimensions toured leave us wanting more. Grasping the essence of a thesis delving into meeting someone and feeling an instant, robust connection to them, but not knowing why the mystery the preservers through this masterpiece is emotive and thought-provoking.

Transporting us onto her brilliant canvas of intricately crafted lyrics come to life, the irrefutable virtuoso of Crystal Joilena jumps out at us in a way both sonically and mentally visual. Fusing together genres that are best served in a sentimental dreamscape, we’re thrilled to hear more from the striking repertoire of Crystal Joilena.

The elements you give life to in “I’ll Never Let Us Die,” take control of our minds in a powerful way. Was there a specific connection that you made with someone that inspired the creation of this song?

There was definitely a very specific connection dated back to a few years ago that manifested and inspired the creation of this song, some of those strong feelings I had suddenly came back towards the middle of all of 2020’s craziness seemingly out of nowhere after I forced myself to disregard them for quite a while and I started to write the lyrics immediately after that.

Do you prefer to write your songs from a place personal to you, or while embodying a story that may have been sparked from an outside source?

I prefer to write my songs from personal experience, but I can also write based on an outer source, whatever comes to mind at the time.

What are you hoping your audience takes away from the messaging you have laced into “I’ll Never Let Us Die?"

The message I wanted I’ll Never Let Us Die to convey is that if you know you feel something genuine and the timing never feels right, it doesn’t mean it’s always going to be wrong and even if it is and nothing ever comes of it, it’s better to care about something than not feel at all.

How important is it for you to be vulnerable with the music that you create?

It’s very important to me, I want to bear my entire soul to the world using my music because that’s the only way I’m going to be able to make anyone understand who I am.