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D Kirk KV Comes Back in Style with Various Influences to Guide Him Through

Remember Philadelphia's Hip-Hop artist D Kirk KV? He's the kind of artist that draws vulnerability and honesty into his lyricism and creates a low-key atmosphere buzzing with cultural influences. 

There's definitely a uniqueness to the crafting done by D Kirk KV. He takes a variety of styles, stemming from the mainstream Hip-Hop scene, and combines them with potent Caribbean influences. The end product always ends up being a track that listeners can easily vibe to, and packed with his real emotionality, which can easily be deconstructed and understood.

That's why with D Kirk KV, you're getting full transparency. He isn't the kind of artist that tries to mask himself behind his music--he's the kind of artist that unveils himself through his music. That's definitely a quality we seek out within artists, and that's most definitively the trait of D Kirk KV that only adds to his versatility.

D Kirk KV doesn't stop at working to craft his sound to be better than before, and we're rooting for this artist's continued growth within the industry. Something to look out for: D Kirk KV is set to release his debut album 'Oceans' within 2020. It's quite sufficient to say that we're pumped.

Check out D Kirk KV's work here


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