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Dane Brings Us A Refreshing R&B Hit, “I Don’t Need’em”

DeJuan Dangerfield, stage name Dane; originally from Chicago and relocated to Los Angeles in his teens, brings a sound that he likes to call “Contemporary R&B”. He’s influenced by some of the most talented musical minds in which includes Michael Jackson and Usher.

Dane released his latest single titled “I Don’t Need’em” and we were taken by surprise, in a pleasant matter of course. Dane’s ambitiously driven character is presented in the passion of this song. It’s a great thing Dane was influenced by many iconic artists in the past because his artistry is like a gem in an industry filled with similar rocks. His contemporary R&B style is refreshing and has elements of classic and rooted R&B. Of course, the production of “I Don't Need’em” shows signs of today’s music due to the wavy beat that felt playful and infectious enough to evoke a good party. Dane’s vocal tone was super textured and transports you through era’s of smooth R&B. “I Don’t Need’em” was a nice hit that could generate a large fan-base and appealing mainstream crowd.

Listen to “I Don’t Need’em” here and get to know more about Dane below!

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