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Dead Cassette Wants To “Burn the Lights Out”

Dead Cassette, an Ohio-based metalcore band, is a force of pure fire, roaring out of the Rust Belt with a ferocity that could melt steel. Their music is an intricate web of power and raw emotion. They are composed of lead vocalist Justin Karallus, rhythm guitarist and vocalist Corbin Wandling, lead guitarist Arthur Lawrence, and bassist Joe Hoover. This dynamic quartet has already released a full-length album, "Revive," and two singles, "After All" and "Burn The Lights Out." The last single notably marks the swan song for former drummer Kollin Manuel.

The band is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a theme that threads through their musical fabric. Their latest single, "Burn The Lights Out," showcases Dead Cassette's ability to push metalcore to new heights. The thundering experience pulls listeners deep into a maelstrom of explosive riffs, banging drums, and vocals that could command a storm.

"Burn The Lights Out" is the musical equivalent of a high-speed roller coaster ride, a relentless torrent of sound. The opening line, "Rise and fall, we're in an endless cycle," immediately sets the stage for the raw, visceral journey. Justin Karallus' vocals claw through the whirlwind of sound, evoking a powerful sense of resilience and defiance.

The instrumental prowess of Dead Cassette is also on full display in "Burn The Lights Out." Arthur Lawrence's guitar work is akin to a firestorm, shredding with intensity as captivating as brutal. Meanwhile, the drums, courtesy of Kollin Manuel, are a sonic punch that propels the song forward with relentless energy. When the higher notes of the guitar riff kick in, it's akin to an adrenaline-fueled flight through the stratosphere.

"Burn The Lights Out" is a testament to the power of Dead Cassette's musical craftsmanship. It's a song that grabs you by the collar, shakes you awake, and then sends you on a sonic journey that's as exhilarating as it is intense. With this single, Dead Cassette has not just burned the lights out; they've set the entire music scene ablaze.

Tear your heart out with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic DeadCassette! Cheers to your latest offering with "Burn The Lights Out," a fiery epic that keeps the listener hooked from start to finish. Could you shed some light on the inspiration behind this high-octane song and how it came to fruition?

Corbin: We wanted to follow up After All with something different. I was messing around with it for a while, and when we returned to the studio, we wanted something fast and more experimental. So it just felt right to record this one.

The lyrics of "Burn The Lights Out" are profoundly impactful. Could you delve into the symbolism and philosophy encapsulated within these powerful words?

Justin: I decided to get a little metaphysical with it. I think a few people will get it, but many probably won't, which is OK. We always encourage our listeners to find their own meaning within our songs. I wanted to write about how life is neverending and infinite. Even death gives birth to new life, and the cycle repeats. Everything always comes back around, such as Karma and the scales balance. The second verse is a bit different. I wrote about how people can be the villain of their story without even realizing it. It's scary to look inward, but once you do… you can make the appropriate changes to lead a better life.

The musical complexity in "Burn The Lights Out" is remarkable, particularly the guitar work. Could you discuss how you developed the guitar riffs and how they contribute to the song's overall feel?

Corbin: I wanted to write a faster, more riffier song than the last one we released. I wrote punchy open notes to revolve the riff around and be the center spot of each changing riff. We wanted to stay fast for the chorus, so I sent it to Arthur, who wrote the leads overtop.

"Burn The Lights Out" marked the last performance of your former drummer, Kollin Manuel. How did his presence influence the energy and dynamics of the song, and how do you anticipate this shift in the lineup to shape the band's sound going forward?

Joe: We went into it like any other song, with the drums being the driving force. Moving forward with Sam, there will be a lot of dynamic changes and shifts, all while staying true to our normal sound.

As "Burn The Lights Out" creates such a memorable impact, what can we expect from Dead Cassette in the future? How will this song's themes and musical styles influence your upcoming works?

Justin: We wanna start pushing some boundaries, and this song allowed us to try something a little different while still staying within the realm of what our fans are used to. Corbin wrote some faster, more progressive riffs, and I got to show off some new vocal styles. That's only the tip of the iceberg for us, though. We have a bunch of songs in the works that all sound completely different. I think the constants moving forward are going to be a huge 3 part harmony choruses and the shreddy, tappy leads that Arthur creates. The last two singles were the first to introduce those elements, and I think they're here to stay now that we're writing together as a band. Otherwise, I'd say you should never know what to expect from us.


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