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Dip Into Melodic Bliss With The “Feeling of XTC”

JBRRMUSIC's latest single, "Feeling of XTC," is a euphoric journey that immerses listeners in a sonic realm filled with brilliant harmonies and electrifying drops. The track, a testament to JBRRMUSIC's forward-thinking electronic sound, is an enthralling jolt of energy that transcends music, bringing about sheer euphoria and ecstasy.

From the moment you click play, the song captivates you with its earworm hooks and dynamic production, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that resonates with high vibrations. JBRRMUSIC's vocals, much like the voice of an angel, guide the listener through a melodic masterpiece that runs through the veins, leaving a radiant mark on the soul.

Built around the powerful theme of love, "Feeling of XTC" explores the immense influence and addictive nature of this universal emotion. The engrossing vocals and lush lyrics contribute to the track's overall appeal, evoking the spirit and energy of love. JBRRMUSIC skillfully weaves together elements that mirror the intensity of the emotion itself, providing a serotonin-infused sonic experience reminiscent of the feeling of love.

JBRRMUSIC shares, "As soon as I found the vocals, I was instantly hooked. I wanted to create a track that pushed the message about how strong the feeling of love can be." The result is a musical creation that feels like a journey to the heights of love-induced euphoria. Amid winter, "Feeling of XTC" injects a summery warmth, making it a perfect escape into the boundless joy and excitement associated with love.

With its energetic and fun production, coupled with the soaring and exciting soundscape, "Feeling of XTC" stands as a vibrant anthem that amplifies the potency of love through the enchanting medium of EDM.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, JBRRMUSIC! Thanks for drawing us into your creative world with your latest record. What inspired the creation of "Feeling of XTC," and how did the concept for the song come about?

Without diving too much into my personal life, the concept of the track was created due to personal relationship issues. As soon as I heard of the verse vocals, I instantly connected with them and wanted to create a powerful dance track with its emotional power. I felt like the lyrics said everything I wanted to say to my Fiancé.

Can you please share a glimpse into your creative process, particularly how you approached the production to capture the essence of love and euphoria?

I approached the production with the mindset that the vocals needed to be the main focus of the song to let the emotion punch through. I focused on the reverb and delay of the vocals and background vocals in the buildup to create a true sense of euphoria.

How do you balance creating an uplifting atmosphere while maintaining a connection to the lyrics' deeper emotions?

Using song structure and real instruments and atmosphere sounds such as vinyl noise, notes were held in the upper part of the frequency spectrum.

Which artists or genres influence your work, and how do you incorporate those influences into your own unique style?

I listen to all genres of dance music, but I'm very inspired by Martin Garrix and David Guetta. I tried to incorporate their arrangement and the use of the main melody in the track to keep it driving.

What's next for you?

To keep on making music I love.


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