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Dress Code Shares New Details In Latest Release, “Mistaken Identity”

Dress Code flaunts their vocal prowess, which has us dancing along with their latest release, "Mistaken Identity."

Dayton, Ohio-based electronic artist and songwriter Dress Code brings us music with a futuristic sound that presents an electro-funk style. In addition, Dress Code brings a new sense of groove with prominent rock-infused ambient sounds.

Uniquely formulated, Dress Code brings us endless vibes with catchy melodies and lyrics to think about and relate to in his recent single "Mistaken Identity."

Entering the world of "Mistaken Identity," we hear the unique instrumental seeping through his melodious voice as he says, "You think you know, you know, you think you really do," telling us that there are people who believe they know us, when in fact they don't know half of what your life is like. Dress Code sparks the thoughts and feelings we all think about, and as we continue, we feel the emotion as he sings "Mistaken Identity."

Continuing on, Dress Code tells us how people can go on and on about you all in while they don't know a thing about you; providing the origins of the title: "Mistaken Identity." As we hear the fascinating instrumental continue, a beautiful solo emerges, where the beat encompasses the listener, transporting them to a place of sonic groves. As "Mistaken Identity" comes to a close, Dress Code takes us out with a bang, leaving us wanting more and feeling relieved as we listen to the relatable lyrics.

Take us up and away with Dress Code and his latest unique single, "Mistaken Identity," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Dress Code. We love the refreshing and relatable lyrics you've brought with your recent single "Mistaken Identity". What inspired this record?

Thanks for having me back on BuzzMusic! I got the idea for "Mistaken Identity" about sometimes being misjudged by things. Some people are surprised when I tell them what kind of music I play or that I'm a fan of different genres. Yes, I like the sound of electronic music, but I grew up listening to funk and rock, so I also like (and play) live drums and electric guitars. Dress Code, could you expand on your songwriting process for "Mistaken Identity?" Do you face any difficult moments when writing about the lyrics you did?

I got the idea for the "Mistaken Identity" chorus first and then had to figure out how I would pronounce it in the song that would fit with the beat. I wanted the verse to rhyme both in the middle and at the end of each line; then, I needed a pre-chorus that would change the feel of the verse but keep the energy of the song and build to the chorus. The difficulty is that the lyrics don't always come all at once. I'll write part of something, come back, and keep adding to it until it's done. What was your goal regarding the listener's experience with "Mistaken Identity?" What do you hope the single does for them?

I hope they like the music, and it sounds catchy to them, but maybe they can also identify with the lyrics. Did you work solo when creating the "Mistaken Identity" production and instrumentals? What was the process like for you?

Yes, I work solo. I write the lyrics and use them as a guide for the instrumental part of the song, then count the measures of different parts of the song (intro, verse, chorus, etc.) and go from there. I use both computer production and live instruments. I record the computer parts first and then live instruments, starting with drums and bass, then keyboards and guitars after that. I practice different ideas for each live instrument and record the best parts to go with what I already did on the computer. I do both lead and backing vocals last after the instrumentals are done.

What's next for you?

I'm looking to get more airplay and promotion for "Mistaken Identity" and to get into music licensing.


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