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Earl the Kid Sets the Tone With Visionary Hit “Space”

Earl The Kid released a banger with his latest single “Space”. “Space” is the instrumentation of creative fusion of hybrid trap, dubstep, and bass. “Space” has the kind of beat that will serve as the perfect foundation and root for an artist to get on the track and deliver a tough verse. The ethereal elements in the beat are great for a melody while the intense bass is perfect at complimenting aggression and attitude in projection.

Earl The Kid manages to create a sense of a theatrical storyline within the beat with a cinematic approach to the sound effects used. Earl The Kid is a mysterious artist but that’s why we love him. “Space” was unpredictable and compelling enough to reel us in like magnets. Earl The Kid has this magical impact on the listener with “Space”. “Space” elevates you into the beat and the vibrations from the bass. It could be challenging for producers to transform a beat into a song, but Earl The Kid does exactly that. He’s more than just a producer but he’s a uniquely creative artist who is proving to be the future of instrumentalism. This visionary has a bright future ahead, but in the meantime, you can explore the journey he takes you on with “Space”.

Listen to “Space” by Earl The Kid here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Earl The Kid! Talk to us about your stage name. What's the story behind Earl The Kid?

Hey BuzzMusic! First of all, thanks for having me. Well, I have always been called "Earl" since I started skating but it is not my real name: my friends got me that nickname because we used to watch the tv series "My name is Earl" where the main character (Jason Lee) has the same personality traits as I have. "The Kid" is because kids are so creative and irrational which is the best combination to create art, it can be music/paintings/photographs and so on. Nah I'm kidding, I choose it because I still have a baby face under the mask haha.

Your identity is a mystery to us and the rest of the world. How has this shaped your career in the music industry? Do you find you have any advantages or disadvantages because of this?

Most of the time is really hard to keep it unknown for loads of reasons. Obviously there are pros and cons but in my perspective, I can only see the positive aspects. I love to talk to people but when I get recognized I feel so awkward and happy at the same time, it is quite hard to explain though because the thing is that I am more curious to get to know why they listen to my noise than them to get to know what's under the mask.

Tell us about your new single “Space”. What does this song mean to you?

"Space" is from my latest album "ORIGINS" and it is the last song (If you read the first letter of every song in vertical, it comes out the album title. Brain explosion, your welcome haha). For me when I have to choose the title and make the outro I feel so melancholic. Space is something infinite that no one can predict or have absolute knowledge about but it is still fascinating.

What were some of the challenges you faced in creating “Space”?

Honestly, it was the easiest song to produce because I just went with the flow. You all better look forward to hearing some remixes of it coming up, I asked personally to a few singers to sing and drop some lyrics on it and all the final results are just incredible. When I did the mastering of one of those remixes I literally had goosebumps.

What can we expect from Earl The Kid throughout 2020?

2020 will be another year of progress for me. My team is getting stronger and I am so proud to have chosen those brilliant people. First of all, my manager Gabe (@fuggettino). He hates and loves me at the same time, especially when we are on tour he is really diplomatic and professional so I am the crazy and immature one who wants to show off, partying hard even after my shows and to perform almost naked.

As bookings, I have to say a huge thanks to Julian (@thebassemporium) and Angel from Rage Cage Ent (@ragecageent).

I am going to mention one of my closest friends and also my graphic designer Boogie (@hillyhd), I just don't know how he catches my strange ideas and he turns them into cover arts and visual effects on the stage.

Last but not least, another good friend of mine and my photographer Vas (@mr.crop), that guy loves to push ourselves to the limit with his way to see the potential of every single spot we shooting. Everyone has its own path but I am sure you gonna see me performing all over the globe, giving away some filthy bass and hybrid donuts.


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