Ebb and Flow with Houston Rapper Kevin Cartoon

Coming at us from Houston, Texas, Kevin Cartoon is an out of the box rapper that will catch the attention of any music lover who appreciates a unique craft.

Anything but cookie-cutter, Kevin Cartoon consistently immerses his audiences in a sonic experience that ebbs and flows with effortless manipulation. He will have the listener playing his tracks on repeat until they know each vibrant verse word for word.

Lyrically, the songwriter pairs intensity with fine art as he showcases his intrinsic rapping talent. In collaboration with Barron Studios in Houston, Kevin Cartoon holds the Guinness World Record for the longest recorded cipher, and his expertise shows in each song.

When asked about his inspiration for songwriting, Kevin Cartoon gave us his refreshing perspective. In order to keep his mindset and ideas fresh, the young rapper makes sure to travel and immerse himself in new experiences.

Kevin Cartoon believes that stepping away from the music once in a while allows for a physical and mental recharge, making his songs that much more electric when he produces them.

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