EDM Track "Leave the Lights On" From Davey Myssle Is Everything You Need on Your Playlist Right Now

Davey Myssle is a Nashville based EDM artist who's music interest and soon career started at the age of two. Since realizing that music was his passion he has been working on improving his writing, production, and mixing skills with precision so that his music is of the highest quality. Recently with Holly Winter, Davey released his exciting new single "Leave the Lights On" and it is a dynamic duo of a performance.

This record features an elegant soft piano, a gorgeous delicate guitar, organic drums and percussion, deep Flume-like basses, ambient pads, and a beautiful vocal performance from Davey and Holly. "Leave the Lights on" has a very dynamic structure to it that keeps you engaged from the first beat. It takes you from a chill vibing verse before it explodes in the chorus with a massive sounding bass and well-thought drum rhythms that sends everything into a craze. The vocals have a soft delicate reverb effect on them that dynamically gets more extreme for different words and it is simply beautiful to listen to. There are a lot of fantastic little details about this release and we recommend having a listen yourself to become immersed in the world Davey Myssle created.

Listen to "Leave the Lights On" here.