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Effortlessly Vulnerable And Authentic, Kiid Gaara Drops “Life Of A Diabetic”

Kiid Gaara is a unique melodic rap artist from Gilbert, Arizona. At only 19 years old, Kiid Gaara writes music about sensitive subjects to process his thoughts and feelings. He boasts his artistry through raw expression and modern hip-hop melodies. New to the music industry, Kiid Gaara is skilled beyond his experience and years.

“Life Of A Diabetic” by Kiid Gaara takes us on an inside journey of his thoughts and feelings. He goes into details about how his body feels and it sparks an empathetic feeling from the listener. The hard backbeats and flawless flow are addicting. Kiid Gaara has a unique tone to his rap style that’s alluring. I would never guess that he’s only 19 because of his skilled lyricism and effortless delivery of every bar. The “Life Of A Diabetic” has a meaningful message beneath the hard rap sound arrangements. Kiid Gaara is openly vulnerable about his struggle with being a

Type 1 Diabetic. He mentions how horrible he physically feels everyday and goes into detail about being bullied as a child with an illness. “Started not to give a f*ck” is my favorite lyric because I chose to interpret it in a positive light. Kiid Gaara is done caring about how anyone else feels about his condition and is living life for himself. Up and comer on the rise, we can’t wait to see what Kiid Gaara drops next!

Listen to "Life Of A Diabetic" here and get to know more about Kiid Gaara below!

Hey! Can you start by telling us about yourself and how you created your stage name Kiid Gaara?

Im a 19 yr old melodic rapper/ Song Writter from Arizona, Born and raised. Im a Type 1 diabetic and ive been since the age of 8, i grew up with an abusive/alcoholic father but now i just live with my mom, lil brother and sister. I look up to her a lot because shes played both roles in my family shes very hardworking and has taught me to never give up and always be myself. How i got my stage name??? First off Ima huge naruto fan and came up with the name because i felt like ive always related to Gaara the most. I say that because in the show Gaara as a child was treated wrongly and viewed as a monster cuz he was "different" from the other kids. Just like me i was picked on and pushed away from others because i was a diabetic and viewed "differently" cuz the other kids thought they would get sick if they fucked with me. Secondly growing up ive always felt like no one loved me, thanks to my father, so i learned to love myself and thats where the name Gaara comes from. The name Gaara in Japanese means a demon loving himself or a self loving demon, so therefore that is another reason why i chose the name. Lastly for the "Kiid" part i came up with that because one everyone else is "lil" sumn and no one spells it like i do and two ive felt like its different from everyone else

Who are your musical influences? Why?

If had to choose my top 3 it be Migos, Thugger, and Trippie Redd. Ive been a migos fan since they dropped there single "Bando". Just the way they rap, how they flow, how they say things and how they make there music is crazy to me. its different and not only did they start a whole new way of making trap music, they each play a role in there group and dont get enough credit for it. Personally this new generation sounds like the migos and they are best group in the game right now. Also there fashion is CRAZY tooThugger to me is like a father i wish i had in my life. The mans does not give 2 fucks about what people think about him. Just like the migos he started this new wave of music to where you have to read the lyrics to know hes saying and just the way he sounds too ive noticed that people sometimes find annoying but i LOVE IT. not only is he a inspiration to me through music but hes also a HUGE fashion icon to me and i wish i had his drip, his style is unmatched and thats where i get most of my style from.Trippie Redd is sumn else when it comes to music. The way he makes his music and how puts is his emotions into his music and how he sounds just relieves my anxiety. ive never connected and felt someones emotions more when it comes to music and it inspires me to make music like that so people can relate and feel the same way as i do. Ever since he was "lil 14" ive wanted to develop a sound so unique like trippie and thats where i get my inspiration from when it comes to singing and yelling in my music. That being said if you listen carefully to my music and how i do things i would say i get my flow and structure of my music from The Migos and my melodic style, sound and style from Thugger and Trippie. So if you would take all those arist and you put em into one, you would get Kiid Gaara.

In your track “Life Of A Diabetic”, you talk about some personal and heavy stuff, will this be the theme of most of your future tracks?

Mainly yes, i say this because i gotta story to tell and to let these people know they can relate to me and that there not the only ones out there. I also like to be versatile with my music so you can expect anything from Kiid Gaara

What’s the Rap/Hip-hop scene like in Gilbert, Arizona?

SLEPT ON and i mean it, we have so much talent out here and its crazy i respect every artist out here cuz we ALL want this shit, the grind is crazy and im telling you once you give us the chance AZ gon pop off just like florida did.

What can we expect from Kiid Gaara next?

Like i said befroe anything, you could get a love song, heartbreak song, a song about my past or maybe even a swag rap song. But im tryin hard to get music videos made, putting more music out and then eventually get on


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