Electronic Duo, The Safety Word Premiere's Their New Song; "Washed Out"

By: Zaq L. - February 16, 2020

The Safety Word are set to release their latest single, “Washed out” and we’re absolutely loving it! This digital/acoustic ensemble from Melbourne, Australia, incorporates numerous genres to create their down tempo-electronica sound.  The Safety Word takes their inspiration from post-rock, new romantic, chillwave, and trip-hop sensibilities.

Consisting of the core songwriting team, John Rousvanis on (vocals/electric guitar), and Simon Quinn (laptop/keys), who performs live as a duo, or expand their sound with Craigus McVegas (electric bass/synth), they also work with an assortment of guest musicians for unique performances. The Safety Word blends soulful vocals, abstract guitars, deep bass, and ambient synths. The combination creates a unique listening experience and an outstanding live performance.

In “Washed Out,” they explore why we exist in dreams.  They examine the bases of transcendental meditation and how it affects the mind, body, and spirit.  The Safety Word encourages awareness of viral energy, and the journey taken to discover and harness it, and dance with it.  This is similar to dancing with death as in preparation for a dreamlike state in the afterlife that transcends our spirit towards reincarnation. Listeners will find it easy to fall along into this journey with them.

The Safety Word released their debut EP in January 2019 and have released 3 more singles, “My Kryptonite,” “Right on Time in Dreamz,” and now their latest single “Washed out”.  These singles are now available across all streaming platforms. We look forward to hearing much more from them.

Listen to "Washed Out" here.