Elysia Takes Us to the "Cherry Moon" and Back With Her Latest Single

On November 11th, Alternative soul singer and songwriter Elysia released her ambient Prince-inspired serenade, "Cherry Moon," which captures the breath caught after an affectionate milestone.

Rapper, South Side Denny, amplified the immensity of the single with his smooth bars while the pianist and producer, Pastels, ensured that everything pulls together seamlessly in the cathartic hit of dopamine.

So often, artists fixate on the ‘big moments in life; Elysia strives to be the soundtrack for the calm after the storm. As the melodies lull the listener into a meditative state, Elysia’s elysian vocals infuse the soundscape with the kind of passion that can only come into fruition after perceptions of love shift to a more optimistic position.

"Cherry Moon" unravels as the ultimate hazy drunk-on-love track that intoxicates by reminding the listener how sweet and matchless love is. It may have been inspired by personal experience, but that does nothing to hinder the resonance. If aliens touched down on earth and asked us to explain love, showing them Elysia’s single, "Cherry Moon," would be the fastest way of explaining.

The Melbourne, Australia-based artist draws her inspiration from emotionally vulnerable artists, such as Frank Ocean and Winehouse, while her sonic elegance is inspired by Lauryn Hill. She is well on her way to sharing the same acclaim as the aforementioned, with her debut demo release, she garnered 2,000 streams in one night.

In Elysia’s own words:

“My friend of two years turned into my soulmate in the space of one night; something changed in the way I looked at him; suddenly, my eyes had cherry heart filters. We spent every day together in the summer; we blossomed into something pure and inspirational for this song. As soon as the jazzy chords started to spill, I was lovestruck with the single too. It is a sneaky 'this is how I feel about you' track, recording the conversation between our souls at the beginning of our relationship. Music can make funny things happen; you say things in raw form, and it transforms into art; it is magic.”

"Cherry Moon" is now available to stream on all major platforms.