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Energy Seekers Will Love DJ MONÄVA's Latest Hit, "Playing With Fire"

MONÄVA is Philadelphia's expressive DJ who seeks to entertain listeners with his enthralling mixes. As an artist who has always paid close attention to the Dance/House music scene, MONÄVA's pure passion for mixing music was cultivated quite early on. Since discovering his innate desire to mix music, MONÄVA has only been creating new and novel sounds for listeners since! MONÄVA strives to bring listeners together in any way possible, always allowing for open interpretation with sound. One of his most recent productions, "Playing With Fire", showcases this exact strategy employed by MONÄVA, and brings a great sense of artistry to the Dance/House music table.  

"Playing With Fire" is bringing some quality energy to listeners' lives. The track starts off with a bit of amore low-key ambiance, which is a great contrast to what the rest of the song's production held. "Playing With Fire" is a Deep House track that delivers a seriously riveting and upbeat soundscape for listeners to authentically enjoy. MONÄVA embeds numerous styles into this track in order to attract a variety of listeners. "Playing With Fire" offers rejuvenating sounds, paired with incredible buoyancy. "Playing With Fire" allows listeners to morph into whichever narrative they want or even need, and the mix itself was blended quite methodically. "Playing With Fire" is the right kind of track to add to your playlist if it's in need of some serious spirit! All in all, MONÄVA got our blood pumping with his single "Playing With Fire", and we suggest the power-cravers to indulge in the various properties his track has to offer. 

Discover "Playing With Fire" by MONÄVA here

Hey there, MONÄVA! Welcome, and congratulations on releasing "Playing With Fire". As a DJ who is already heavily integrated within the music scene, how do you feel that "Playing With Fire" shows off your ultimate progression as an artist? I was doing more tech house before. This is more of a vocal-driven future house song. Instead of chopped vocals, there's full lyrics. The kick and snap punches are exactly what I would want to hear in a future house track. Future house and electro house are my focus currently.

You've always been known to be an artist that promotes open interpretation with your sound. Was there at all a certain emotion you wanted to impart onto your listeners with "Playing With Fire", or were you hoping for that listeners would experience the song in their own way? Always open to interpretation. With full lyrics, there is more of a specific feeling but all art is open to interpretation because everyone is coming to it with their own experiences.

It's incredible that your past track, "Run Away" was number one on ReverbNation's Philadelphia House charts! In retrospect, how does it feel to know your music is favored amongst listeners? It feels amazing. It's why I do what I do. You want people to feel the energy of the music. It's a symbiotic relationship.

Where do you hope the sound of MONÄVA continues to propel and excel from here? Are there any goals you've put in place for your music, or are you more so the kind of artist that goes with the flow, especially regarding your career? I'd say it's a mixture. Planning is necessary to keep things flowing. I operate as part of a collective and we're going wherever we're needed. We need to be thoughtful in the curation of our brand. Ultimately, I'm trying to make a healthy soundtrack to our day to day lives. The joys and struggles.

What is the Monava live experience like?

It's the set you've been waiting all night for!

We've noticed you've released exclusively with JackEL's FYDID records out of Las Vegas in 2020, are you going to be continuing in that direction?

I have plans that take me all the way through 2020 and beyond with FYDID, and I'm excited about all of it!



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