Enjoy The Positive Vibes From Casper Fonberg’s Love Anthem “Skinny Jeans”

Born and raised in a small town just outside the capital of Denmark, BuzzMusic presents talented singer/songwriter Casper Fonberg. Not always comfortable with the spotlight, Casper struggled with self esteem issues, as most of us do. It wasn't until a group of supportive friends encouraged him that Casper began taking singing lessons and taking his writing more seriously. Going from hard partying and dark thoughts, to using his music as an outlet for his emotions, Casper’s scars only add to him exceptional songwriting ability. His latest single “Skinny Jeans” is now available on all major streaming platforms!

“Skinny Jeans” is a light hearted pop love anthem that easy to sing along and vibe to. Casper paints a soundscape in your mind as he takes you on a retrospective journey through his ideal love. “Let’s turn our love into paradise” is repeated throughout the chorus, this lyricism add the perfect high energy and motivational feeling to a powerful dance track. Casper’s vulnerability and transparency through his emotive lyricism is captivating for any listener. “Skinny Jeans” allows the listener to relate to was Casper Fonberg is reciting. Throughout the track you realize that this utopia of love is more of an unattainable fantasy than reality, which makes Casper's honesty more admirable. “Skinny Jeans” boasts positive, chill, summer vibes and we can’t stop listening! I highly recommend you add it to your summer 2019 playlist and check out the rest of Casper Fonberg’s repertoire.

Check out “Skinny Jeans” here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview!

Hey Casper! Welcome back! Can you start by telling some of our new readers a bit about yourself?

Yeah, sure! Hi! My name is Casper Fonberg and I’m a Danish singer/songwriter. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember and listened to music even longer. I grew up in a family with a very wide spectrum of musical preferences, fx we listened to a lot of Michael Jackson, a lot of Linkin Park, Eminem, Rammstein, Chris Brown, but Cher, Anastacia, Evanescence were also enormous parts of my childhood. I remember my very first concert, it was Linkin Park in Forum, Copenhagen 2007 and it was just massive. I remember that as the first time I, conscientiously, thought about standing on a stage in front of a huge crowd. Obviously, all these different artists have shaped my music taste today and has influenced me to make the kind of music I make, but I would say that I do make pure pop music, then people can discuss afterwards where there are hints of other genres.

What have you been up to since your release of “Lost In The Seven Seas”?

To be honest, I haven’t actually been up to a lot when it comes to the music. I released my debut EP in February, which met so many warm responses. The EP was about my life up until now and how it unfolded, which means that it was quite dark in some aspects, to be fair. It has performed quite well in my local area, and I can see that Australia and Norway are biting on to it, which makes me very proud. But after the EP release, I played a few places here and there, but other than that, I just went around chasing inspiration for what was next, which turned out to be “Skinny Jeans”

We love your new track “Skinny Jeans”! Can you tell us more about the meaning behind the lyrics?

So, Skinny Jeans is actually quite meaningful to me. It’s about the love that you simply cannot have, no matter how hard you try, and the disappointment of not being able to accept that. The song resembles what I have always been writing about, which is hurt and pain. But this time, I wanted to make a song that I could listen to and smile, even though the background of the song was nothing to smile about. It gave me the idea to have fun with it and just let it all go, and suddenly, the song included sex, the crossing of boundaries with other people and the longing of people that starts a fire in your imagination.

But after a while it started to feel empowering to me. I could literally sing whatever I wanted to sing about and whatever feeling I had in my body. I have never sung about empowerment, so that was quite interesting, but I’m so happy with the result and it has made me keener on making more up-tempo and up-lifting songs.

What do you hope your fans take away from this song?

I hope people will listen to the song and remember that everything doesn’t have to be so serious. Of course, nobody should do anything they don’t feel like doing, but other than that, just relax, have fun and cross some boundaries, because I believe that it will give more positive baggage later on. Take chances and never look back. Be a good person, but also stand up for yourself – always. This is my song about empowerment, and I believe that people are still too closed-minded.

What are some challenges you face during your writing process? How do you overcome these challenges?

I go into writer’s block quite easily and when I do, I just let it go. I stop working on that particular song, because everything I come up with during a writer’s block, is pure bullsh*t, to be honest. Just move on to the next song, because tomorrow or the day after or the next, you can go back and finish the first song. What is important is that you don’t just stop entirely. Stop writing on those 1, 2 or 3 hits and then let your bad songs flow, because then after some time, you’re ready to finish the hits and maybe write some more hits.

What’s next for you?

My position in the music industry is still very, very new and what I have to fight for is still recognition. So, what’s next for me is to keep making music I believe in and get more jobs, which will enable me to come out and interact with the people who listen to my music.


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