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Ethr3 Offers an Eclectic Experience With “The Sound That Shook The Ground”

As a DJ, Ethr3 has always had the opportunity to experiment with various soundings, as well as blending a multitude of soundings together to create the very iconic sound he’s subjected himself to today. It’s rare that you’ll receive the same kind of sound from Ethr3 more than once. As an artist, it’s evident that Ethr3 strives to create novel mixes that listeners haven’t quite come across yet within the Electronic music scene.

Ethr3 is undoubtedly elevating listeners with his creativity in his musical offerings, as each track he releases stimulates a different aspect of yourself as a listener. Ethr3’s curiosity with music and sounds as a teenager generated the product of what we hear today, and we’re looking forward to seeing Ethr3’s music flourish even more so then what we see here today. 

Get ready to get in a groovy mood with Ethr3’s latest single, “The Sound That Shook The Ground”. The title of the track gives away all of that is within—prepare to have your body move and flow with the rhythm of the song. As an instrumental track, “The Sound That Shook The Ground” is vivid, blending a variety of contemporary stylings together to promote a unified sound of inspiration. The design efforts of Ethr3 take full effect on this particular track, where listeners are exposed to an eclectic mix of soundings that all seem to perfectly complement each other, proving the expertise of Ethr3 was completely present for the songs curation.

The harmony and flow of the track are undeniable, and yet we still get such eccentrics within the song, which is primarily why our ears have been peeled ever since listening along. It’s safe to say that we’re glad Ethr3 decided to experiment with his music years ago because the product of his sound today is crafted in such a creative, out-of-the-box kind of way. We feel like we can breathe with the mixings of Ethr3, and hopefully, he continues to release music in the near future.

Check out Ethr3 and his track “The Sound That Shook The Ground” here.


Welcome, Ethr3! Congratulations on releasing “The Sound That Shook The Ground”! Also as the name for the EP, it stems from, how do you feel the song compared and/or contrasted to the other singles offered in this EP?

Thanks so much, BuzzMusic, always feels great to release new tunes and enjoy the journey of how they sound, out in the world. The song “The Sound That Shook The Ground” in comparison to the other tracks on the EP like "Big Steps", this one that has a serious groove to it that will get ya moving, get ya tapping your feet for sure! With "Big Steps" the drums & bass are just as big sounding and groovin' however I like to say that with "Big Steps" it's like one of my all-time favorite rock drummers playing to an electronic song, HAHA - keep ya guessing on who that drummer is. The bass and drums in "Sound That Shook The Ground" are so in the pocket while taking every opportunity for little tweaks and turns along the way. Its almost like one takes the lead and then hands it back off to the other to continue on, I LOVE that. With "Big Steps", get ready for a whirlwind of twists and turns and perhaps a "Drop" haha. I think its the first song that I've ever engineered a drop (how funny). With "Sound That Shook The Ground" the vocals add that interesting dimension, that mysterious voice in the distance. Not quite sure what they are saying sometimes but it may not even matter. It just adds to the overall movie for your ears. Where's the popcorn!

We realized early on in “The Sound That Shook The Ground” that the track brought about much eccentric music styling. Going into the music scene, how did you intend to classify/categorize your sound? What would you say are some major elements contributing to the way your sound is curated? Oh boy, this is where I always get hung up on, classifying what I do and what category I fit in - HAHA. I tend not to think in terms of where I want to go musically I just let it go and then at some point I realize where I landed. For "Sound That Shook The Ground" I think I landed on groove planet with a bit of, "hey let's go over there & check that out", kind of mentality. I LOVE electronic music and I LOVE EDM. If somehow I could squeeze myself into that little tiny sliver of sonic happiness that lives between the two I'd be cool with that. Of course, I wouldn't stay for long but I'd live there for a while. If there's a category for that, I'd be ok classifying my self there. For major elements that I've been spending some time with lately, that in hindsight have become a bit of my sound I suppose (some are saying - big smile) are BIG ole drums that sound like that come directly from the rock world. I do love rock music too. Along with drums I love a bass tone that holds it all together. Sometimes I experiment with bass and wonder, is this a good idea(?) and then say, sure just do it, so I do. Then there's the spacial parts, the keys, the misc sounds, sometimes guitar that create this incredible, textured layer that just makes it all happen. Somehow I've managed to make sense of that much and curated that into the ground shaker it is, HAHA. Well, that was the intent, to shake the ground a bit.  

Are there any elements within the electronic music scene you haven’t yet experimented with? Are there any other genre styles you’d be interested in working with, possibly even aspects that you’ve never incorporated into your sound thus far? Oh Yeah, for sure, there are definitely elements of electronic music that I haven't even touched yet. There is SO much out there that inspires me to do what I do currently, a never-ending supply of, "what was that?". I need to check that out and see what happens there. I never want to just stay in one place. Having a certain sound to what you do is cool but I'm more interested in taking that sound and turning it upside down. This is a great question because half is what I've done and half is yet to be done. I've spent yrs in bands playing punk, rock, country and even some singer/songwriter folk kind of projects. I'd love to incorporate some of that into what I do now. I have a rock album that I've kept private for yrs on SoundCloud that my greatest friend Wendy tells me to use and incorporate into what I do now. Someday I'll be getting to that.

As a performer, what venue and/or location do you feel the crowd most resonates with your music style? I hope its the big stage anywhere and everywhere in the world! I'd love to share the stage at any festival or club, big or small with the greats that I love to listen to and that have inspired me to enter this world of sound. I was at a show recently where I saw Qrion, WOW! she was awesome! I think as a performer you play to the best of your abilities and others will enjoy the energy from that, anywhere it doesn't matter.



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