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Exclusive Interview: Producer, Farismo Breaks Down His Latest Song; “Unseen”

Welcome to BuzzMusic Farismo! You stated you found your love for music technology when a class in school sparked your interest. Can you tell us about this class and in what ways has this experience impacted your skills today?

This class in high-school had a huge impact on my life simply because at the time I was lost, I did not know what to do after high school or what my passion was. The skills I learned were pretty basic everything from midi sequencing and learning how to use a basic audio interface with a mic as well as basic level music theory. This all gave me a foundation that was pivotal for me to learn more advanced music production techniques on my own time. Honestly probably not the best thing because I made music after school instead of homework.

Your style is uniquely catered to you! Can you tell us some more about your creative process and the way you fuse together both Chill Electro with futuristic elements?

I admittedly explored many genres when I was learning and honing my skills. I started with a very ‘EDM’ centric tracks with a huge focus on drops and build-ups. But as my skills developed my taste varied and changed as I grew more in love with chill-out music such as ‘FKJ’ and electronic artists such as Madeon and Moderat. At the end of the day, I just make songs that I would want to listen to and if people enjoy it that is a huge bonus!

What was the most challenging aspect of producing your single “Unseen” for you? In what ways were you able to grow from the obstacle as an artist?

The most challenging aspect of ‘Unseen’ is the vocals. I am not a songwriter or a vocalist but then I realized that vocals are a huge part of a song to express emotion and thoughts so I thought this would elevate the track to a further level. Unseen is about being lost and having a friend to guide you through the unknown exploring the ‘unseen’ parts of the world you never knew existed.

From your artist stand-point, what was your personal favorite element to “Unseen” and why?

From my standpoint my favorite element of the track would be the ‘drop’ sections where the music turns to a more future bass style track, it has a perfect blend of the future bass style synths mixed with huge sounding 808s, with pitched vocals throughout. But what I am most proud of is the layering of my vocals as I do not have the best voice haha!

What can we expect to see throughout 2020 from Farismo?

2020 and beyond will be very exciting for me as I have many releases planned for the year. The goal is six but you never know there could be more! Planning to release a music video sometime mid to end of the year and also start up the youtube channel finally.

Listen to "Unseen" here.


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