Exclusive Interview: The Radio Broadcast Talk Their Song "2 Young 2 Die"

Welcome to back to BuzzMusic The Radio Broadcast and happy 2020! 2019 was an amazing year for you and your music. What goals do you have set in place for 2020? Thank You! BuzzMusic is one of our favorites! You guys are always so nice!

2019 was a good year for us but we feel really strongly that 2020 has a lot of good things in store for us. We spent a lot of time last year working on our recently released album "2 Young 2 Die" and we would really like to get out more this year and show everybody what it is all about. We are looking to perform in some new areas, put out some new videos, meet some new people and share some fun experiences with anybody and everybody that wants to be involved. 

Congratulations on the release of your new song “2 Young 2 Die”. The title of the song speaks volumes, without hitting play. Can you give us an exclusive dive into what the meaning behind the song is and what message you want your audience to receive? The song is about a girl who isn't afraid to be herself and likes to have fun hanging out with friends partying and loving life. Living her life to the fullest without a care in the world even if tomorrow is her last day. Just trying to paint a picture to our audience that we are comfortable with who we are and we love to have fun.

No matter what age you are you can always have a good time as long as you are true to yourself. Life moves quick take it one day at a time and we are all 2 young 2 die.

We know you love to perform live! Do you have any goal cities, venues or festivals that you'd like to perform at this year? For us it is really difficult to set a goal for cities and events that we would like to perform at because some of the cities are not within our reach at the moment and there is a communication gap for many of the events we would love to be a part of but we are willing to take on many of the opportunities that are offered to us.

As far as upcoming performance dates for this year we only have one event scheduled as of now and that is for the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg PA at the end of Feb. We do however have strong intentions to return to the midwest this summer and hit some of our favorite spots from our tour last month (Dec2019) with hopes of some new stops. Possible locations would include Cincinnati, Memphis, Chicago, St. Louis, but there really are so many areas we would like to visit and perform and it all just depends on what the Universe has intended for us.

As a musical duo, how do you both balance each other's artistic vision and make it come to life within your music? For us, it really isn't as difficult as you would think. First off we are very like-minded, so no matter who comes up with the idea first or if it was thought out together we both have the same vision for an end result as far as the overall sound we are looking for or trying to achieve. So if Michael comes up with a percussive rhythm and a synthy bassline Kristin already knows the sounds we are looking for and will lay down a synth line or burst out with some lyrics and effects that right away fit with our collective vision of the sound we want to produce Or even the other way around for that matter.

We collectively created TRB together under the influence of the same music and the same thought process. Since the beginning, we have known what we wanted to achieve musically as far as our sound goes but it was finding the right elements to create the sound you hear today.

As “2 Young 2 Die” was an absolute hit from The Radio Broadcast, what can fans expect next? We're looking forward to a new year of new music! Well if you are talking about "2 Young 2 Die" as a single then please check out the rest of the album titled by the same name "2 Young 2 Die". We have many more tracks on that album with a very similar sound that we are so proud of! Our new album "2 Young 2 Die" Was just released at the beginning of last month (Dec 01/2019) and we are still pushing that pretty hard right now. We have many more tracks we will be released as singles with video to follow but as of now the full album is available on all streaming services and as well as available for purchase through band camp and we should see it on iTunes shortly.

We do have several tracks that were not able to make it onto the album due to deadlines but they are not forgotten and we will probably be working on them later in the year with another possible release by the end of this year beginning of next.

Listen to "2 Young 2 Die" here.