Experience The Folk-Inspired Soulful Music Of Rachel McIntyre Smith In “Long Ride”

Rachel McIntyre Smith is an artist of many talents. Not only is she a singer/songwriter, but an award-winning pianist and multi-instrumentalist. The talented musician can play the piano, guitar, ukelele, and clarinet. Rachel is also passionate about sharing music with others and spent two summers in Nicaragua teaching music lessons in piano, guitar, drums, and voice. Pulling inspiration from artists like Kacey Musgraves, Carole King, and Taylor Swift, Rachel released her self-titled and self-produced debut EP in April of 2019. 

Featured on Rachel McIntyre Smith’s debut EP, “Long Ride” focuses on Rachel’s deeply personal thoughts and gives the listener an introspective view of her outlook on life and love. Rachel’s ability to set the scene and to move from the imagery of the verses to the intimacy and central sentiments of the hook makes for something that manages to captivate on its own strength alone. Nothing fancy or overly flashy is needed to brighten up the energy of “Long Ride”, the realness of Rachel’s lyrics work with the genuine vibrancy of the performance. It feels like a live performance, a moment of truth captured, with nothing to hide behind. You can hear Rachel’s connection to the subject matter, and that makes all the difference. We can’t wait to hear more from this up and coming artist! 

Check out “Long Ride” here and read more with Rachel in our exclusive interview below! 

Hello Rachel! We're beyond happy to be featuring you and your music on BuzzMusic! What’s the meaning behind “Long Ride”?

Thanks so much- I'm beyond happy to be featured on BuzzMusic! "Long Ride" is the first track on my debut album, and it's a song that has transformed in meaning to me since I wrote it. I wrote this song when I was driving to my parents' house for Easter weekend. I was thinking about this guy that I liked who was kind of guarded and shy. I really thought that we had a shot to be together for a while so I wrote this song to let him know that I was going to stick around for him to open up and get comfortable with me. I wasn't going anywhere- I was there for the long ride. Ironically, I ended up breaking up with him before I actually played him this song- but hey, I've always been an optimist. However, since I wrote this song its meaning has changed to me. Now when I listen to it, I feel like I'm singing this song to myself as a pep talk saying that even in times of doubt I need to believe in myself as I pursue my dreams even if it takes a long time to get there. This song is really special to me because it's the only song I've written that has changed meaning to me. 

"Long Ride" is flooded with articulate emotions. What feelings did you want listeners to be washed over with when listening to the song?

I really want this song to be played during sunset drives with windows down and sunglasses on. I hope this makes people think of their crush and smile, or feel nostalgic for summer love that has ended, or feel determined that they can accomplish what they set out to do. I asked my friends how they feel when they hear this song and they gave me extremely different responses. I think it's cool that different people can listen to my song and feel different emotions about it. Ultimately, I just hope it makes listeners feel something. 

Is live performance something that’s important to you? How do you feel when you're performing? Can you describe the essence of your shows?

I absolutely love performing live. I used to be extremely shy- so shy I would turn around if I saw someone coming towards me to talk.  If you had told me 10 years ago that performing live would not only not scare me but also make me feel energized, I would have laughed. During my shows, I really try to tell the story of the song (whether it's a cover or an original) through my attitude and facial expressions. It helps me connect to the audience and keep the song authentic. I think that anyone who comes to my shows will quickly pick up on my big horse girl energy. I've never been the popular girl and I will never try to be- and I think that people get to know me during my shows. The true essence of my show is a musical meet and greet between me and the audience. I play songs, tell stories, and hope that maybe they can relate at least a little bit. 

Have you always lived in Oliver Springs,TN? How do you think being based there influences your sound and artistry?

I lived in Oliver Springs until I went off to college at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I graduated in May of 2019 and still live in Chattanooga, but I will always consider Oliver Springs my home. It has influenced my sound and songwriting more than anything. There are so many nuances to life in a small town; and I love to explore them in my songs. Everyone knows everyone and is in everyone's business- which creates an interesting dynamic. Oliver Springs also helped me develop my sense of humor and learn not to take things so seriously (which you can hear in my song "Miss Highfalutin" and "Wedding Blues"). For example, the main landmark in our town is two mountains that used to be strip-mined at the top- it's referred to as "Titty Top Mountain" by everyone in town. I feel like you can't grow up in the shadow of two breast shaped mountains without learning how to laugh at random life circumstances. 

It was amazing showcasing "Long Ride" to our listeners, and getting to know you as an artist in the process! Any words you'd like to leave the BuzzMusic community off with?

Thank you so much for showcasing "Long Ride"! If anyone is still reading this, I just hope that they would give my music a chance. I have my self-titled debut album out on all streaming platforms, and I would be so appreciative if people would just take the time to listen to one of my songs. I wrote every lyric, played every track on every song, recorded every song, and produced every song myself. This album took a lot of hard work and I'd love for people to hear it.


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