Explosive In Many Ways, "TNT" Is A Track You Won't Want To Detonate

Exploding onto the scene, Neo-Soul, Afro-Canadian artist, FVI$ can be identified by his unmatched ability to fuse UK and Afro drill Rap with the beloved genres of Jazz and Rock.

Raising the bar worldwide, FVI$ hones in on the nostalgia of intoxicating 90’s dance hits. His latest record, “TNT,” is no different as he brings you a collaborative effort of intense sounds with Hip-hop artist, Denver, and Brandon Watts.

With FVI$’ heavy knack for bending genres and evolving his music through unconventional elements, you are immediately gravitating towards the extensive sounds at hand. Painting bright images with hard-hitting lyricism and witty wordplay, the verses and chorus flow through your mind at an all-time energy high.

The memorable hook that Brandon Watt lays down gives a diverse feel as it accompanies the sounds of Denver’s intense vocalization of his bars. “TNT,” is an unmatched presentation of strong delivery from the master behind the plan, FVI$.

With no limits in sight, he’s ready to skyrocket in this new wave of Hip-hop using tried and true techniques.

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