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Fall in Love with Damien Profane's New Single "Try"

Dark tones of sound resonate from an organ as you are walked down the aisle to Damien Profane's new song, "Try." The ticking percussion enters the track as we anxiously await Damien's entrance. Coming to us from north of the border, Damien is a Canadian based producer and artist who carefully crafts R&B vibes with Alternative Hip-hop notes. Jumping between smooth R&B vocal stylings and hip-hop infused raps, Damien has skillfully combined the two genres into a cohesive listening experience. The song is a thoughtful look at one's strife in bettering themselves for another.

The chorus is a ghostly rendition of emotional lyrics where we see Damien honestly unleashing his innermost thoughts, "I've been thinking about you, and how to improve, baby, how do I do?" Damien constructs lyrics that are centered around the redemption of how to win back lost love. As the emotional pleas are sung, there is this dark reverberation of sound that envelopes Damiens's voice, almost like a dark force threatening to derail his plans of salvation. "Try" encompasses a chilled out, spellbinding quality that will possess you with a vibing concentration of sound. Before we give away too much, do yourself a favor and try out Damien Profane's new single "Try."

Can you start by telling us a bit more about the meaning behind the song? To me ‘Try’ is about a one-sided relationship that can’t end because the protagonist won’t give up that perfect idea of the original love that they once had. His attempts to keep the relationship alive range from flying home from work only to be ignored to completely changing who he is and not recognizing himself anymore. his idea of a toxic relationship isn’t how love should work. That’s why I wanted ‘Try’ to embody this toxicity and hurt into a three and a half minute song, it may feel like it should be longer but that’s how relationships end before you want them to.

You use this dark resonating sound sporadically throughout the track, it's almost like something sinister is lurking behind your voice. What was your intention inserting that creative detail within "Try?" I found that if I could keep the overall melody of the vocal to be light and airy, then the low tones and sinister nature of the instrumental would really come through. The song is about a love that slowly withers over time even though it shouldn’t, so the contrast between light and dark via the vocal and instrumental needed to be there to back up the narrative.

When you create music do you have the listener in mind? What messages and overall feelings do you want them to experience when listening to your music? I find most of what I do when creating music comes from experimentation. Finding what fits where it’s supposed to. I want the listener to enjoy what I create but most of what I do make is mostly just to try new things. If someone happens to like one of my experimentations then that's just a bonus. If anyone can gain anything from what I make then that's a reason to keep working and getting better.

As a producer and performer, is there a part of the song creation process you most enjoy? When I’m in the early stages of production, really all I’m doing is messing around and finding some cool sounds to accompany one another. It’s in those moments when I can find something that inspires me that gives me a reason to do what I do.

What’s next for you? I’ve been working on multiple singles all set for release throughout the rest of 2020. Hopefully this time next year I’ll release another EP. In the meantime please enjoy ‘Try’ and keep an eye out for my future releases!


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