Feel the Energy Take Over with, "Blitz"

Wowing her audience with a wide range of musical talents, the born and raised Texas artist got her start playing guitar for various artists across the United States.

Singer and songwriter Sade Page later applied her passion to write lyrics along with her guitar skills and transformed into a hybrid artist. Waking her community with her diverse genre and refreshing take on Hip-hop and R&B, Sade Page is working to revolutionize her sound.

Allowing her audience to feast upon an entrancing universe that carries a jaunty tempo of musical bliss, Sade Page flaunts her innovative resonance with her most recent single, “Blitz.” The confidence that oozes from her unmatched charisma paints vivid imagery that has us floating to the lavish lifestyle that Sade Page is living out.

The resilient juxtaposition that she uses in order to launch her witty dexterity in her songwriting techniques leaves us fully immersed in a world custom to the budding artist. “Blitz,” has major energy locked into the way the instrumentation and lyrical hues cascade in a larger-than-life fusion that is fueled by a boisterous aura.

It’s that song that instantly has your attention from the moment it starts to the moment it finishes, and transports you to the exact atmosphere that Sade Page intentionally sets into place.

It’s hard not to want to go back and click repeat as soon as the song comes to a halt and you’re left feeling a vitality hangover from the vigor demonstrated in her performance. Queue up “Blitz,” any time that you need a surge of self-assured energy to jump-start your life. Sade Page has got it down pat.

We’re loving the high-impact energy that you place in the way you deliver the track. Was there an exact moment that inspired the creation of this song?

Honestly, I was just having a really good day, and I thought to myself I want other people to feel what I’m feeling at this moment. Blitz is a song for the good days.

How do you tap into such a fierce persona in the way that you perform? Could you please take us into your creative process?

When performing I like to tap into the best version of myself. I shut everything out, I throw away any insecurity and just go for it. When I create, I like to free my mind, open myself to create on a different level. I often listen to my early work and take note of my progress as a writer and that alone inspires me to do better than the last record. I’ve also learned to put the pen down. When I try to write I think way too hard and I get writer’s block. These days I just get in the booth and I say whatever feels good and simply let fate write the song.

What does “Blitz” mean to you as the creator, and what are you hoping your audience takes away from it?

As a creator, I’m always striving to create great work. Blitz is the result of me not giving up. It’s the result of me believing in myself and taking my career into my own hands. Blitz is my weapon of choice in the music game. I hope my listeners are caught off guard. I think it's impossible to listen to the record and not bob your head. I’m looking forward to the reactions and confidence boost Blitz is going to bring. I feel great every time I hear it and I’m hoping the same for my audience.

Was there anyone that assisted in achieving the buoyant sound that we’re exposed to in this track?

I’ve got to give all the glory to the man upstairs. Without him reminding me of my destiny I wouldn’t be here today. My good friend and business partner Trone have been a staple in my success story. He also coproduced Blitz. He’s not afraid, to be honest with me and push me to do better. I can’t lose with these guys on my side.

What's next for you?

I’m looking forward to connecting with new fans. As soon as the world opens back up I’ll be putting on a show near you. Be on the lookout for Blitz's official music video.