Feel the Rhythm With The C.O.O.L.'s Latest Hit, "BAD"

From Chi-town to L.A., the hip-hop artist/rapper The C.O.O.L. brings an intoxicating groove with his recent single, "BAD." The C.O.O.L. (chase opportunity or lose) acts as president and chief executive officer of the Chase or Lose movement, encouraging others to be unique and create individual paths towards their dreams. With his recent single "BAD," The C.O.O.L. spills his side of the story towards a spiteful partner, yet instead of sulking in sorrow, he turns the song into an absolute head-bopper. With a bouncy hip-hop/bright trap beat, The C.O.O.L. has crafted the perfect track for a night out while rounding it out with sonic perfection.

Without missing a beat, The C.O.O.L. jumps straight into "BAD" with energy. Opening with the track's hook, The C.O.O.L.'s ear-pleasing vocals set an authoritative tone to the song while he belts out a powerful message of self-worth. The production aspects are tightly-wound and well-defined with each thumping kick and crashing rim hit. The bouncy beat keeps the listener's toes-tapping while The C.O.O.L. changes up his vocal delivery to create an incredibly dynamic space. Certainly an exciting song with heightened energy, we love how The C.O.O.L. transmuted these mind-boggling emotions into "BAD," a thrilling hip-hop track exuding with life.

What initially led you to create your single "BAD," and what was your songwriting/lyric writing process like?

BAD is a part of a larger story. The rest of the story will be revealed through the singles I’m dropping this year. I wanted to make something that had good vibes while maintaining a deeper message. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do with the song and wrote the hook and first verse with this in mind. The second verse came to me when I was working in the studio. I just had fun with it, and I hope people enjoy listening half as much as we did making it. I hope it connects with people. 

Seeing as your track "BAD" has quite a deep message, why did you want to tie in a high energy atmosphere rather than something more down-tempo?

For this song, I wanted listeners to vibe while being given a message. That sort of combination with the uptempo beat and telling a story excites me, and it challenges me to be more creative with my delivery. 

Do you produce your music yourself? With your track "BAD," did you collaborate with anyone to help reach the sonic end goal?

I got the beat from a producer by the name of Penacho and linked with my Grammy-nominated engineer District Vic to bring the sound the rest of the way. We had a lot of fun recording it. 

Could you tell us more about your movement Chase or Lose, and what measures do you take to help others achieve their dreams?

Chase or Lose is a movement that focuses on inspiring people to put their energy into their dreams. Chasing dreams and opportunities takes work and can be difficult, and sometimes to stay this path we need encouragement, inspiration, or direction. So, I’m welcoming people to see my process. Chase or Lose helps and encourages people to discover the work ethic and creativity needed to actualize their goals. At Chase or Lose, We hire people who we make connections with based on their talent and willingness to build with us. We create work that helps us both rise. 

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

For me, personally, 2020 has honestly been one of the most trying years, but my spiritual health and connection with God has kept me inspired and faithful. I believe the higher power helps in a lot of ways and allows you to stay grounded, this is so important especially at a time like this. I also just want my music and message heard, and I sort of have a tunnel vision that helps me channel creativity and focus to make this happen.