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Feel the Vibes of Seafei's Atmospheric Single, "Colombo"

Serenading our souls with sonic sweetness, the musician and producer Seafei takes us on an adventure with his soothing single, "Colombo."

Revealing his admiration for Eastern and Western traditions through his ambient music and laid-back beats, Seafei evolved his organic style through musical influences and travels, across the globe and through the celestials of music.

Now releasing his vastly soothing and sweet-sounding single "Colombo," we can clearly hear Seafei's cultural influences soar through this song with each intricate and comforting sonic element. We adore the electronica feels merged with lo-fi aspects of this single, as Seafei sets glimmering atmospheres for us to cherish.

"Colombo" starts its sonic venture through Seafei samples of a city's hustle and bustle while a serene Japanese-inspired string instrument begins plucking its way to our hearts. As the drums start to expand and offer more of a relaxed lo-fi tone, we softly move into an incredibly uplifting sonic atmosphere with help from Seafei's chilling vocal chops.

We can't help but feel transported into a couple of different musical eras through this single, as the chanting vocal chops offer a 2010s alternative feel while the surrounding sonics scream modernity. Seafei has truly outdone himself with such a thoroughly created and deftly-produced single like this, as he offers listeners nothing but chills and thrills through each cinematic and breathtaking approach.

Sink into harmony with help from Seafei's dreamy single, "Colombo," and familiarize yourself with the rest of his versatile discography on all digital streaming platforms.

We heavily admire the vast sonic arrangements and tones of your latest single, "Colombo." What inspired the sound and atmosphere of this single?

I took a trip to Sri Lanka a few years back and it’s a trip that has really stuck with me. Colombo as a city had a real vibrancy to it, a melting pot of history, cultures & religions. There was a lot of hustle and bustle going on but at the same time, the island also had a very relaxed vibe to it so I tried to put that across in the feeling of the track.

I was also listening to a lot of the Migration album by Bonobo at the time as I love his use of organic world samples so I’ve tried to incorporate that as much as possible.

For example, the vocal melody on the track is a sample I found of some Sri Lankan fishermen singing, can’t get more organic than that!

What did you want your audience to feel from the wide array of sonics on your single "Colombo"?

I’d like this track to give people the feeling they are somewhere far away from home, immersed in a new culture. Meeting new people from different backgrounds, exploring everything a new city has to offer. In short, a bit of an adventure!

What was your creative process like for "Colombo"? Did you take on your production solo, or did you bounce your ideas off any fellow creatives?

As a creative process, everything was put together myself at my home studio in Singapore. I don’t really have a set process at the moment for creating a track, I usually just find a nice chord progression or a melody, build a beat around it and then go from there.

How would you describe your music to a new listener? What should we associate your music with?

Always find it hard to put a description on the music. It’s electronic with an organic Asian influence. Hopefully something similar to the likes of Bonobo or Fakear.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Listening to other great producers and artists keeps me motivated, I’ve been listening to a lot of organic house tracks recently which I’ve taken some inspiration.

Besides that though, just day-to-day experiences and how I can try and put them into a musical context.

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