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Feyer Releases Eclectic New Single “Parties!”

Andrew Feyer, known by most as just the last name and solo moniker Feyer, is a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist with diverse musical experience. Feyer constructs his unique sound by combining personal, yet theatrical lyrics, with a classically influenced melodic and instrumental style, coupled with electronic-rock production. Key components of Feyer's style are the fusion of retro and futuristic sounds and the incorporation of visual elements into the mix, drawing great influence from nostalgic cartoons, movies, video games, and animation loops. Feyer's new singles, "Stuck in a Video Game" and "Parties!" are now out on all platforms, in partnership with Kobalt's AWAL. 

"Parties!" is Feyer’s theatrical and introspective view of the stupidity that happens when young people get together. Feyer gives his cynical and quirky opinions through witty lyricism and a confident deliver. The electronic and experimental tones turn into an upbeat groovy tune when the chorus hits and we can’t help but sing along. "Parties!" is a catchy pop track laced with electronic, rock and classical sound arrangements. Feyer pours his raw energy and soul into her lyricism and production quality and it’s so evident throughout "Parties!". The undertones of funky, retro sounds provide a refreshing twist to the indie-pop track. Feyer has established his unique craft from the ground up and he fully showcases his multiple skills in "Parties!". The lyrics tell a story of someone who is over the party scene in the most enthusiastically ironic way. Overall I recommend you check out this track and stay connected with Feyer to see what he delivers next!

Listen to "Parties!" here and read more with Feyer in our exclusive interview below! 

Hi Feyer! Thanks for chatting with us! Can you tell us more about your upbringing and what made you so musically inclined?

My upbringing was pretty typical of a young boy from the suburbs, but unlike most of my friends growing up, I was terrible at sports. I made up for my lack of athleticism with music. I have always had an ear for music, beginning with piano lessons at an early age. From there, I began playing drums, as well as guitar. In high school, I discovered that music could also be made with the help of software, and from there, I started producing with Logic Pro right in my bedroom. It wasn't until shortly after college that I put all of my different training and interests together to create the music I create today. I think what makes me musically inclined is both my passion for the art and how it gives me the ability to express myself in ways that I wouldn't be able to otherwise.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics in "Parties!"? What do you want your listeners to take away from this song?

"Parties!" was written after I sustained a serious injury in my left foot that left me unable to walk properly for half a year. During that time, I decided to write a tongue-in-cheek song about a raging college party, also serving as a cautionary tale about the effects of too much of it. The chorus has the elements of a rager, and the verses are more on the pensive side. I hope that my listeners will enjoy both the 'rock out' attitude that is infused in the song's production, but will also be able to take a step back and really analyze what the lyrics mean and how it relates to them and their experiences.

Where in the world would you love to perform?

Definitely London or Tokyo. Many people have told me that my music would do well in either of those cities. I've been told that the music scene in London is big on non-traditional lyrics, and Japan loves the video-gamey aesthetic.

What’s your favourite lyric in “Parties!”?

I'd say my favorite lyric is "my doctor says that I shouldn't get drunk." To me, it's just such a random specific lyric of a doctor suddenly appearing telling me to proceed with caution. Still, it is based on a true story of my doctor actually telling me to avoid drinking when I broke my foot in college.

Who influences your style? What sparks your creativity?

Everything I hear influences me in some way, ranging from the classics to the modern. Initially, my biggest influences were those classic rock supergroups like Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. But lately, I've also found myself being influenced by modern acts that often create out-of-the-box material, such as LCD Soundsystem, Passion Pit, and Grimes. My creativity is sparked every time I hear music that strays away from the conventional and takes risks, leading to music that breaks the rules. If they can do it, so can I! No one should be limited by what they can and cannot create.

What's next for Feyer?

Expect future songs and live shows, as well as constant collaborations with other artists. I also am working on my remixing project, Draniods, which will be releasing one remix a month of other artists' songs. Expect maybe one or two originals under that name


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