Fill Your Heart With Bliss In, “Love Is Pure”

With over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, CienTell’s workings have taken her to the art of songwriting. Working with Whitney Houston, Rashad Jones, and Aretha Franklin to name a few, the independent R&B continues working with Jazatopia in order to bring earworm melodies and the ultimate listening experience.

Upon taking in the spellbinding grooves that reside in the rhythmic tempo of her latest single “Love Is Pure,” you could swear that you were drifting in and out of a nostalgic time machine.

The 808’s drive home an 80s synthpop feel, as the glimmering elements in the instrumentation, add a tantalizing hue of ambiance in an electric manner.

CienTell’s vocals trickle into the musical foundation in a gentle way that clasps around your very being, putting you under an entrancing spell reminiscent of hypnotism. Projecting a mass amount of heart and soul into the composition, you’re transported directly towards the emotion that she injects in “Love Is Pure.”

The title of the song truly says it all. Cien Tell lures you further into a universe filled with adoration and atmosphere as she runs up the energy nuzzled within yourself. Leaving us with a sense of anticipation through the remarkable croons professed, the use of timing and spatial cues has “Love Is Pure” chalked full of longing.

The way that CienTell performs has you wanting to delve deeper into the storyline of unalloyed love, and further makes the repeat button look that much more enticing. Incorporating this record on one of your favorite playlists is a no-brainer.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, CienTell! We admire the passion poured into your latest single, “Love Is Pure.” With such heartrending lyrics addressed, was there a particular moment or story that inspired the creation of this song?

Thank you! I appreciate you all for the admiration!! “Love Is Pure” is dedicated to those in relationships who strive to be there for one another and keep love as their motivation to keep going.

How does “Love Is Pure” compare to your previous work? What does this record say about you as an artist and individual?

This is my first song as a producer & songwriter. I write all of my songs and always collaborate with other producers. Working with others is amazing, and I wanted to step into the “production side” of music to create music to work with others as well. Music is a vessel for therapy, and I love helping others heal by using that vessel.

In terms of themes and messaging reflected on, is there anything in particular that you hope your fan base can take away from this piece?

I would love to hear from my fan base that this song motivated them to let go of the fears & doubts that they may have from letting love guide them to that certain someone. It may be challenging to let go of the past, but it must be done to allow the present and future proceedings.

How does it feel to have embraced the songwriting aspect of the entertainment industry? Are there any similarities to your other areas of expertise?

It’s such a wonderful experience to write to the masses, especially when I’ve been a writer all my life. I consider myself a motivational speaker, and it’s an honor to express that through lyrics.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and your music?

I am a woman of my word, and I will only express authenticity through my music & whoever I collaborate with within the industry. I became a music artist to teach, inspire and entertain people while I’m still alive.