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Chuurch Releases a New Remix of “I’m a Mountain”, a 2014 Classic by Honey Claws

If you’re in the mood for a song that will get your heart pumping, look no further. Chrome Friends has released a remix by Chuurch of “I’m A Mountain”, originally released by Honey Claws in 2014.

After Thomas Sahs from Honey Claws heard what Chuurch was all about, a collaboration was born and the remix of “I’m A Mountain” was underway. All of these artists were able to come together and add their own spin to this electronic song and enhance it from its original glory. The wide variety of sounds and beats keeps you on your toes throughout the entire listen.

This remix of “I’m A Mountain” features bold and sharp instrumental sounds, drawing you in from the first beat. After the base drop, you are presented with deep gritty vocals blended perfectly to the techno sound. While the song is primarily beat-focused, there are aspects that seem otherworldly in their vocals and instrumentation. It has a wide range of sounds, with the advantage that it doesn’t get repetitive as you draw towards the end.

This is one you’ll need to turn all the way up to feel it running through your bones with every beat. Keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Chuurch.

Check out “I’m A Mountain” by Chrome Friends here.

“I’m A Mountain” certainly caught our attention and kept us dancing throughout, what was your goal with this remix? How do you hope it is received by listeners?

I wanted to revitalize our core following by offering a fresh sound from a group that I am very into at the moment.

What is it about Honey Claws and Chuurch that made the collaboration work so well? How did the parties each contribute to the remix?

Honey Claws wrote I'm a Mountain in 2014, Chuurch came to my house in Hollywood and hung out with a bunch of pornstars. They then got excited about working with us. I passed them two songs to try - one was I'm a Mountain.

How long have Chrome Friends been making music for? What drew you to the genre of Electronic?

Chrome friends have been making electronic music since 1995.  Acid drew me to the genre

Listening to “I’m A Mountain” has us wondering what you’re currently working on! Any new projects in the works?

Yes - many new jams coming up.  stay tuned to our social media - lot's of varied sounds from house to hip hop to techno to mainstream.


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