Float Away With Zepturo's Dreamy Debut Single, "Disappear With You"

Floating through the celestials from his home planet of Zepturon, the upcoming dream-pop artist and versatile singer-songwriter Zepturo takes us through the cosmos with his heartfelt debut single, "Disappear With You."

On a more personal note, Zepturo hails from Lancaster, PA, although he's crafted his brand to take listeners through the art of sci-fi, where he plans to create a fictional backstory that's rooted in real experiences. Striving to transport listeners into complete introspection through his conceptual and emotional lyricism, Zepturo is more than eager to embark on his musical career.

Dropping his ethereal and chilling pop single, "Disappear With You," Zepturo drifts us to the serenity and tranquility of his home planet Zepturon through the disco-infused and synthpop production that pumps glitter and gold through our speakers. Speaking on his lyrical message, Zepturo touches on heartfelt themes of wishing to blast out of this stratosphere with someone he loves.

Listening to "Disappear With You," the experience opens with soothing and spacey synths alongside chiming keyboard melodies, delicate drum patterns, and Zepturo's otherworldly vocals. While he begins singing of inviting someone to fly into space with him and wishing to disappear with them, Zepturo has us by surprise with his broad vocal range that soothes our souls with calming falsetto and a warm chest voice.

As we move further into the song, we get a heavy dream-pop, synthpop, disco, and retro wave feel through the instrumentals and their sonic ambiance, perfectly crafting a stimulating and thrilling atmosphere. Reaching the song's end, Zepturo's background vocals hum along with a distant saxophone while closing the piece with incredible heart and passion.

Explore the celestials with Zepturo's debut single, "Disappear With You," and let him invite you on an adventurous journey of pure passion and admiration.

Congratulations on the release of your debut single, "Disappear With You." Why did you want this piece to open your career and introduce us to your music?

Thank you so much, and for having me! Wow, what a great question. After years of songwriting and having dozens of songs in my back pocket now, I was never 100% sold on which one would serve as the “kickoff”. The debut single is so tricky because it’s the only time in your career where your entire catalog is one song, so it’s your only representation for a while. I knew I wanted my first single to feel like an introduction to what’s coming next while still being able to stand on its own, and the very moment “Disappear With You” became a cohesive song, I immediately knew it was the one. “Disappear” was written after a very fruitful burst of songs and it genuinely seemed like the icing on the cake to that overarching story. Looking back on everything I’ve written, I also feel that this song does a great job of encapsulating my songwriting style as a whole. So though I’m thrilled to switch things up with some of the upcoming releases, there are definitely feelings of a home base that I get with it. The lyrical content itself even sounds like a “welcome” to me, as I really am extending invites to the listener to hop on board, enjoy the musical ride, and possibly stick around for what’s to come! For all of those reasons, I couldn’t be more content that “Disappear With You” is the piece that’s starting it all.

What inspired the heartfelt and tender lyrical message within your single, "Disappear With You?"

To be completely honest (as lame as it may sound), the inspiration for this song was 100% going on hikes, exploring nature, and even just getting lost in music itself. The past year has been overwhelming for everyone in so many ways, and there were times where I seriously wanted nothing more than to escape from things going on in my own life, though I knew I still needed to tackle reality afterward. “Disappear With You” was essentially an ode to those feelings and how being able to explore, chase sunsets, and create music provided a place of peace and rejuvenation for me. Lyrically, I wanted to tailor "Disappear" to be as calming and freeing as possible, because it really is so important to remember that breaks can offer strength to face realities again when ready for "landing" back on Earth. As far as the potential love interest alluded to in the song, I still wanted the song to be able to resonate with anyone about anything, so I simply personified what I was feeling to keep the message broad because all of us have different ways of disconnecting and recharging.

What did your creative process look like for "Disappear With You" when navigating the sound and feel of the sonics? How did you achieve such a dreamy sonic feel?

Oooo another neat question! For as long as I can remember, dramatic soundscapes of synths and strong melodies have always captured my attention. More recently, I’ve been listening to songs that are littered with disco influence-- and I knew that with “Disappear”, I wanted to fuse the dreaminess of space with soft energy that’s still fun to dance to. I feel like the breakthrough with achieving this was through writing the bassline. Because the bassline was already so bouncy and moving in the chorus, it gave sonic ‘space’ (pun intended) to decorate the rest of the track with layers of dreamy synths and really focus on soundscaping. Stacking tracks upon tracks of vocals definitely didn’t hurt either for adding some extra depth to that dreamy and ethereal vibe! When in doubt, reverb it out.

Seeing as your brand surrounds a fictional character with real-life experiences, how do you plan on expanding your spacey and otherworldly brand in the future?

Visual content, world-building, and storytelling! I feel that the delivery of Zepturo, it’s similar to why people write movies, theatre, shows, and books! All of the content included comes from very real feelings and experiences, but to enhance the material itself- sometimes adding fictional elements can take the art to the next level and make it even more personal. I really hope to expand on Zepturo’s backstory, planet, and journey, just as all of us are trying to navigate through this crazy home called Earth.

What can we expect to see next from you?

As for the next release, if the course stays the same, maybe this can help start painting the scene! Picture this. The year is simultaneously 1983 and 2083, neon lights are glistening amidst a cyber cityscape. There’s an impending feeling of an uncertain fate looming in the skies overhead. You look in the distance and on the horizon is a group of people information moving closer, but it looks like they are equipped with… old fashioned bow and arrows?