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For Andrada, 2020 Has Been Better Than Her Wildest Dreams

Andrada’s previous musical endeavor gathered her so much well-earned attention that when looking to release her music video for "I'll Be Lovin' You," AMG Sony took action immediately on supporting her.

To follow up this release her latest single, "High on Love," shows her growth as an artist and as well as in the production of the track itself.

"High on Love," quickly draws in the listener and then continues to take them on a steamy and intimate ride, with lyrics such as  "no, I can't wait for more, tonight I'm high on love, I can't control my body babe."

When asked about the creation of this track in s recent interview with BuzzMusic, Andrada explains that "High on Love, is the definition of a track that ‘just happened”, the moment she heard the guitar she had fallen in love with it and the rest just fell into place.

Although 2020 has caused Andrada to readjust massively, she continues to stay positive and to roll with the punches. 2020 has been a year that she would have never expected and can’t complain about the fact that her music has reached iTunes and Billboard Charts.

Be on the lookout for Andrada’s next release which will be a Christmas song that she is extremely proud of, and hopes that will be remembered in the future as the 2020 Christmas anthem.

Get to know Andrada in our recent interview, here.


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