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Forum Blue Releases a Brilliant 2-Track EP, 'Mid Summer Never'

Based in Los Angeles, CA, the alternative-pop band Forum Blue releases two soothing summer anthems with their 2-track EP entitled 'Mid Summer Never.'

Led by frontman, singer-songwriter, and producer Ray Torres, Forum Blue is constantly finding new ways to keep their audience engaged and entertained. With help from various influences and inspirations, Forum Blue crafts a style that blends the 80s/90s pop with a millennium alt-rock spirit.

Now releasing their 2-track EP, 'Mid Summer Never,' Forum Blue brings two savory, anthemic, and blissful tracks to our ears. Featuring the singles "Summer Kiss" and "Hot Summer," Forum Blue releases this album just in time for us to hit repeat on all summer long.

Expanding on the first track, "Summer Kiss," this track opens with a beaming psychedelic synth melody accompanied by short keyboard bursts, a bright electric guitar, and delicate drum breaks. As Ray Torres makes his tender vocal appearance, he brings us into the heart of summer through picturesque lyricism that gets us craving a sweet summer love. As he continues exclaiming his desire for someone's tender love for the rest of his days, the dynamic instrumentation leads us towards the outro with vast heart, delicacy, and passion.

Listening to the project's second track, "Hot Summer," the song begins with a sweet and blissful jazz arrangement through soothing drum breaks, a vibrant saxophone, and lush acoustic guitars. As Ray Torres starts to expand on his playful and picturesque lyrical theme, he delves into the heart of the summer while leaving us in awe of his gentle and tender vocal portrayal. We're head over heels for the jazzy tones of this sweet single as it leads us down to the moon-lit beach with waves crashing upon our toes.

Allow Forum Blue to take you on a brilliant sonic adventure with his recent 2-track EP, 'Mid Summer Never,' now available to be your seasonal anthem on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Forum Blue. We're genuinely enchanted by the two tracks you've recently released within 'Mid Summer Never.' What inspired you to release two singles that touch on the savory feelings of summer?

I visited Palm Springs last summer a few times and just caught the vibe. I wanted to create that feeling of floating in a pool and sipping drinks at sunset. I know the world kinda missed out on summer last year, so I wanted to make something you can leave on repeat and vibe to.

Regarding the first track, "Summer Kiss," did you have any exterior musical influences in mind when crafting the psychedelic pop-infused sonics?

I'm a huge fan of the way Tame Impala uses synths. They're always toasty and sizzle in the mix of their songs. And to me, that feels like summer. I really like the moment modern pop is having right now. They're using a lot of cool funk stuff in it. There's a layback beat and bubbly synths to this Khalid song "Talk" that really got me inspired. And the choruses on all the Harry Styles songs have such great hooks. It's always something I strive for.

What inspired the jazzy and rhythmic feel of your second single, "Hot Summer?" Why did you want to bring such a soothing and gentle tone to this track?

I love old-school Latin oldies from bands like Tierra and Malo. I wanted to make a song like theirs with a modern twist. But I also love how obnoxious the Saxophone was used in the '80s, like George Michael's "careless whispers" or Sade's "smooth operator". I thought I'd mix those two and make my own vibe. Something romantic to sip drinks too.

What did you want your audience to feel after experiencing your 2-track EP, 'Mid Summer Never?' What sort of listening experience did you want to offer?

I want listeners to feel the vibe of summer and immediately add these tunes to their summer playlist. I would love for them to bookend their playlist with my music. Start with "Summer Kiss" and end it with "Hot Summer", have a bunch of cool jams in between. That would be ideal for me.


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